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The Guardian speculates about “glorious return” of Damian McBride

By Tory Aardvark

Maybe those left wing hacks at The Gruaniad didn’t take too kindly to Gordon breaking bread with those nasty baby eaters at The Telegraph, the stories appearing since Leader’s coma inducing speech today, have not really been that positive.

Firstly there was the truth behind the ID card shame that HJ has already blogged on

Then this lttle gem got dug up in The Guardian, yet again:

“Ergo Labour falling the wrong side of the tribalist/pluralist divide I wrote about yesterday, precious little movement on the fashionable issue of reinventing the state, and the glorious return of Damian McBride (possibly). Thinktank-man was depressed at the prospect. I can’t say I blame him.” more from John Harris

All three of the editors at Tory A have already been subjected to lies and smears – the usual paedophile references, and we are proud to announce that this blog has also been referred to as obscene. I will admit the odd typo does slip through, but obscene?

They do say the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.

Smeargate – Labours Finest Hour

Gordon Brown and his hand picked attack dogs, Derek Draper and Damian McBride along with Labour Party General Secretary, represent all that is odious and grubby in British Politics today.

The odious Labour Party members behind Smergate

The odious Labour Party members behind Smergate

Hand picked by Gordon Brown, and working from an office right next door to his Leader, McBride conducted a smear campaign against not only opposition MP’s, but Labour MP’s as well.

No one was safe from McBride, no thought or smear was too low for this employee of the Labour party.

You would think that smearing a grieving husband and wife, who had just lost a child, would be a no no. You would be wrong, nothing is too low, or sacrosanct, to a dedicated Labour attack dog.

Borrowing from his Leader’s idea that women are entertainment meat, he then smeared Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, as someone who slept around. What a nice man.

This week it all went badly wrong for McBride and Draper as they were served with Court Papers; as was 10 Downing Street a day later.

Ardvaark really enjoyed this and can’t wait for the Court Cases start as there will be lots of prime blogging stories coming out of this. Well done to Gudio for serving the papers on McBride personally, I bet that felt good.

Enjoy a brief rerun of the downfall of McBride and the fallout for Labour.

Labour’s standing in the polls has been ever downward since this story broke.

Damian McBride forced to quit over ‘sex smear scandal’

Vicious and Vile

Email Campaign of Hate

Guido Makes FOI Request

McBride Breaks Silence over Smeargate

Greetings from Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries sues Damian McBride over email allegations

So How Far Up the Labour Chain of Command does Smeargate go?

All the way to the top, is the answer.

Who employed McBride? Gordon Brown

Labour’s General Secretary Ray Collins chaired a secret meeting to create the Red Rag website writes Ian Kirby in the News of the World

The email’s existence links the dirty tricks site to the very TOP of the Labour Party.And it exposes the LIE, put out by Downing Street, and repeated by government ministers this week, that the smears project was just a minor aberration cooked up by a couple of renegades acting alone—and which would never have seen light of day.The new email, written by Labour’s then internet campaign chief Derek Draper, PROVES that the meeting took place, reveals WHO was there, WHERE it was held and WHAT was on the agenda. It shows that Collins travelled across Westminster for a summit in the offices of trade union bigwig Charlie Whelan. Whelan, one of Gordon Brown’s closest friends and his former chief spin doctor, was described last night by a Labour insider as the Prime Minister’s “unofficial Mr Fix-It”. read more from The News of The World

The Guardian had this to say:

“Smeargate will come to be seen as a landmark in political communications. It will go down as the moment when the new order of media operators subverted the establishment – the moment when a maverick blogger, Paul Staines, AKA Guido Fawkes, in effect took the scalp of Gordon Brown’s long-established press adviser”

If Ardvaark had a cap, there would be copious doffing in the direction of Guido, well done that man, the first McBride of the season!

Caught out and still falling short of an apology Gordon Brown writes letters of regret, that he and Labour have been caught out, but still fails to apologise. Michael Lea in The Mail

So has there been a price to pay for Labour for all this?

Oh joy of joys Yes

April 11 2009 – the day the Labour government died?

And for those who still argue that it’s the economy then how come that the Tories lost power on May 1st 1997?

Labour died 3rd June 2010