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Wind Turbines – Now They Are A Threat To National Security

Wind Farms don't work, ruin people's lives, slaughter birds and now threaten National Security

The Wind Farm, the single most useless form of reliable electricity generation yet invented, and the second most expensive for consumers after biomass.

Wind Turbines blight lives, ruin landscapes and slaughter protected birds with impunity, now these symbols of Climate Religion pose a threat to National Security: Read the rest of this entry

Brown, The Labour Government And Another Slap In The Face For Our Armed Forces

It just never stops with Brown and Labour there is something in their genes that makes Labour politicians useless when it comes to the Armed Forces and any degree of decency and integrity.

Yesterday at PMQ’s Brown said to the House of Commons that the US decision to send more troops to Afghanistan would be made in the next few days, this was almost immediately denied by the White House, which said a decision on extra troops was weeks away.

So why did Brown say the decision was days away?

Was he poorly briefed or did he lie to Parliament again?

Either way it’s another very poor effort on behalf of the Prime Mentalist and the war.

Now today the Government slap the troops in the face again, with news that the Ministry Of Defence has paid out almost £300 million to civil servants for performance bonuses since 2003.
To put that in perspective, the money paid for their performance bonuses would have purchased nearly 6 Chinook helicopters, bad enough that Brown cut the Helicopter Budget by £1.4 billion when he was Chancellor.

No money for equipment for soldiers in the field, but money for jobsworth civil servants Read the rest of this entry

Conservatives Want To Cut MoD Costs by 25%

By Tory Aardvark

In his speech today Shadow Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox will outline proposals to cut civilian personnel from the Ministry of Defence.
The MoD currently employes about 85,000 civilans while the strength of the Army is currently 99,000, which does beggar the question as to why there is a ratio of nearly one civilian to every soldier.

Sunset in Afghanistan

Sunset in Afghanistan. copyright MoD

The savings in fixed costs will free up more money for the soldiers on the front line, and are not a cut in the Defence Budget, but instead focus on getting better value for money and concentrating resources where they are sorely needed.