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George Moonbat “CO2 Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear Waste”

George "Moonbat" Monbiot CO2 is a far greater danger than nuclear waste.

George “Moonbat” Monbiot CO2 is a far greater danger than nuclear waste.

The latest Guardian environmental journalist to block yours truly on Twitter, George Monbiot, seems to be seriously losing the plot, as the Great Man Made Global Warming scam continues its slide into the trashcan of history, in his latest opus maximus Monbiot claims CO2 is more dangerous than nuclear waste, because there is no way to clean up CO2.

Moonbat is terrified of Carbon Dioxide, so terrified in fact, that Moonbat supports nuclear energy, which for a Green is a total oxymoron, as his fellow believers in Climate Religion celebrate Green tokenism from Japan and Germany in abandoning nuclear power, Moonbat despairs.

Moonbat also posses another quality rarely found in a Green Liberal, he to some extent, thinks things through, not the knee jerk flush of feeling good about some unexplored idea for George, who knows that governments will fill the gap in generating capacity lost by shutting down nuclear, by burning more coal and ergo more CO2 will be emitted, and the sacred emissions targets abandoned or breached. Read the rest of this entry

George Monbiot Has His Jimmy Carter Moment

George Moonbat Cars produce almost 10% less CO2 at 60mph than at 70mph

James Delingpole once described George Monbiot as the “gift that keeps on giving“, as usual Aardvark finds himself in complete agreement with James.

Moonbat like most of the self appointed moral guardians of the environment has a thing against personal transport, earlier this year Moonbat wrote “What War On Motorists?

Must have been hog heaven for George with his beloved Labour government using cameras and ever increasing fuel duty to milk the motorist as a bottomless pit of cash, and all wrapped up in Green lies, the case in point being Gordon Brown’s scheme to increase VED and backdate it to 2002, because it was for the environment. That was a Green lie too far even for Brown’s Labour MP’s who rebelled against it.

The Spanish have lowered their speed limits by 7 mph and of course Moonbat thinks we should do the same here, only our speed limits should be even lower: Read the rest of this entry

UK Snow Chaos Why You Are To Blame

Its all our fault for being mobile, owning cars and flying

It was only a question of time until an eco mentalist slid out from under their stone and blamed all of us for the travel chaos besetting Britain at the moment.

If you fly or drive then you are the cause of the problem, because by travelling you emit CO2, which according to the followers of ManBearPig means you cause Global something or other, which in turn makes for colder winters.

Apparently it is the ever increasing temperatures that are making us travel further: Read the rest of this entry