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Nancy Pelosi’s “Green The Capitol” Fail

Pelosi's "Green the Capitol" failure, being cut by Republicans

Nancy Pelosi, Obama’s favoured harpie, was one of the casualties of massive Democrat defeat in the US mid term elections in November 2010.

Pelosi was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, but following America’s verdict on Obama is now the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives; Pelosi is a fully paid up member of the Church of Climatology.

At height of her power Pelosi introduced a “Green the Capitol” scheme involving composting of garbage, bringing low flow toilets and organic food into the Capitol Complex.

An investigation has shown that the composting program is actually consuming more energy than it saves Read the rest of this entry

Worried “Anti Business” Obama Orders Review Of Government Agencies

Obama is not anti business its just he believes in Climate Religion

An increasingly beleaguered Obama is ordering a review of Government agencies that have been enforcing the Climate Religion policies of Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore.

As the whole AGW church of cards has come tumbling down, Obama and Pelsoi have sought to use the US Environmental Protection Agency to enforce Climate Religion policies by the back door.

On the first day of the 117th Congress the new Republican majority in the Senate wasted no time in tabling legislation to curtail Obama’s green nazis at the EPA.

As Obama seeks to prove he is not anti business, the number of court cases against the EPA is stacking up. Read the rest of this entry

Republicans Outline 3 Bills To Limit The Power Of The EPA

The Reoublicans now hold the balance of power in the US Senate

The Republicans have wasted no time in setting about the Church of Climatology, after only 1 day of the 112th Congress the axe is already falling.

First casualty is The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming, brainchild of the odious harpie Nancy Pelosi.

Next in line is the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), already being used by King Hussein to try and force Climate Relgion policies by the back door.

On the first day of the new Congress in addition to killing off Pelsoi’s committee, the Republicans outlined 3 different bills all aimed at curtailing the powers of the EPA Read the rest of this entry

Bonfire Of The Witches Pelosi, Harman And Gillard

Pelosi, Harman and Gillard Socialist witches in decline

Just a few months ago these three uninspiring harpies were some of the most powerful women in the socialist world, and now thanks to the democratic process all three are in terminal decline.

Harriet Harman, depputy leader of the British Labtard party and convicted traffice menance booted from power in the General Election in May 2010.

In an amazing display of hypocrisy Harman turned on Phil Woolas for his election campaign, which used tried and tested Labour methods of electioneering. Harman misjudged the mood of the PLP badly and is now under attack for her treatment of Woolas. Read the rest of this entry

Nancy Pelosi You’re Fired

It’s always a good day when socialism gets a good kicking at the polling booths and yesterday was a good day, a really good day.

America has voted on Barack Hussein Obama’s socialist agenda and Gordon Brown economics and the message is “enough is enough”.

The Republicans now control the House of Representatives and this means the end for Obama’s harpie Nancy Pelosi.

For people not familiar with Nancy Pelosi she is a nasty mix of Jacqui Smith, Harriet Harman, Hazel Blears, Irma Grese and Lucretia Borgia Read the rest of this entry

Meet Nancy Pelosi, America’s Harriet Harman

Pelosi and Harman share a lot more than just being wizened old hags

America has it’s very own Harriet Harman, a particularly nasty, mean and repressive bitch that goes by the name of Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi is Speaker of the House in King Hussein’s regime for those that don’t follow US politics that closely.

Harman’s answer to everything was to ban it, regulate it, control it, nanny it and if that did not work resort to the profligate use of words that ended in “ist” or “ism”, those of us that dared question the uncontrolled immigration that was Labour’s hidden agenda were deafened by the screams of “Racism”.

The international Marxist movement, however it dresses itself up, be it as Barack Obama, New Labour, Kevin Rudd whatever is all about one thing, state control and suppression of any dissent to the party line. Now we think it was bad here, in the USA it’s just getting a lot worse Read the rest of this entry