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The Books Labour Ministers Should Have Written

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New Labour Is Dead Says Peter Mandelson

Mandelson and Britains worst ever Prime Minister

New Labour died on May 6th 2010 says the Lord of Darkness writing in The Times, which is good news, so all that remains is to kill of Labour and the cancer that afflicted Britain for 13 years can never make a comeback.

Like all good socialists Mandelson is about to cash in on his years in and out of Government with a book titled The Third Man: Life At The Heart Of New Labour scheduled to be released before the orange war criminal Tony Blairs mighty tome The Journey.

The peer, twice forced to resign but who staged an astonishing political comeback two years ago, offers an early taste of an account that he says will be a “mixture of history, autobiography and emotion”.

He says that he regrets persuading Gordon Brown to stand aside in favour of Tony Blair in 1994. “If we had resolved the matter there and then, we would have avoided so much of the soap opera that followed.” Read the rest of this entry