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Nick Clegg & Ed Davey; Dumb And Dumber

Nick Clegg and Ed Davey still pushing the same tired Green lies about jobs, prosperity and affordable energy

The departure of Chris Huhne was a golden opportunity for the Coalition Government to back away from the economic fiasco that is Green renewable energy, instead the Lib Dem segment is pursuing Green business as usual, Green energy and jobs have killed economies in other parts of the world, specifically Spain and California, the German economy is reeling from the effects of Green taxation to support solar and wind, but dont worry it will be different in Britain, according to Clegg and Davey.

Ed Davey is already proving to be a bigger idiot than Chris Huhne, Huhne for all his many faults was at least his own man, Davey is more reminiscent of a glove puppet.

Clegg on his first public outing with Davey had this to say: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Is Toast If He Is Charged

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg -He and David Cameron would have to take a view if Huhne is charged

The Prime Minister has confidence in the Energy Secretary” says a Downing Street spokeswoman, which effectively means that Huhne is toast if he is charged with perverting the course of justice, cast iron Dave now only has confidence in the Minister for Climate Religion and bird choppers, somewhere along the line “every” has become a political casualty.

Huhne has always maintained that he will hang to his cabinet position if charged, Cameron has now made it clear that he will make the decision not Huhne. Read the rest of this entry

Attila The Huhnatic Gets Slapped By George Osborne

George Osborne to Chris Huhne - "This is the Cabinet, not some sub-Jeremy Paxman interview."

Friday May 6th is going to be an interesting day for Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, double-barreled defeat staring them in the face as their vote in Local Council elections evaporates and the Yes vote for AV in the referendum on changing our voting system, crashes and burns.

Chris Hunhe has actually taken time off from screwing the energy security of this country to position himself in another bid to lead what will most likely be the smoking remains of the Lib Dem party, in some sort of post May 5th putsch to oust Nick Clegg. Read the rest of this entry

The Many Faces Of Nick Clegg

Cameron Catches Brown And Clegg On The Hop

Copyright (Jeff Overs/BBC/PA)

Polls published immediately after the debate finished show David Cameron as the clear winner according to Sky News:

YouGov puts the Tory leader on 41%, followed by Nick Clegg on 32% and Gordon Brown on 25%.

ComRes had Mr Cameron two points ahead of Mr Clegg on 35% with Mr Brown trailing in third on 26%.

And Angus Reid put the Tory leader on 37%, eight points ahead of Mr Clegg on 29% and 14 points ahead of Mr Brown on 23%.

Aardvark is not entirely sure that Gordon Brown’s creepy gurning grin at the end did much to further Labour’s cause, but if the polls are to be believed then Labour is now the third party in British politics which should keep them from having another go at wrecking this country for a least a generation, and hopefully for all time.

Are The Lib Dems In Danger Of Over Playing Their Hand

The presumption of would be king maker Nick Clegg

The hung parliament story, broadcast loudly by the left wing media as a sort of last resort of keeping Labour in power and by the rest as the polls are a story in themselves.

As many political commentators are endlessly saying the Leaders Debates have upset the polls, and no one really understands what the polls really mean, and how they will translate into votes on May 6th.

There is an old saying that you should never believe your publicity and Nick Clegg is starting to behave in way that shows the polls are going to his head by saying that his price for a Lib-Lab pact would be the head of Gordon Brown.

On the face of it, nothing wrong with that; Aardvark would like Gordon Brown’s head on a spike at Traitors Gate.

However when you dig deeper what you have in effect, is the Leader of one Political Party trying to say who will not be the Leader of another political party, understandably those who support Labour are none to impressed with Clegg. Read the rest of this entry

Is Lib Dem Surge Over?

* * * Breaking News * * *

New Ipsos/Mori poll in the News Of The World tomorrow has Conservatives 36%, Labour 30% and Lib Dem 23%, poll was taken on Friday.

Looks like little Nicky has the same problem asĀ  David Steel with surging prematurely.

More to follow

Climategate – AGW Rasises It’s Head In The Leaders Debate

Anthropogenic Global Warming, apart from the quasi communist manifesto of the Green Party the UK election had been free from the Church of Climatology until tonight’s Leaders Debate when Gordon Brown was the first to mention man made climate change, and then continued to mention it, until at last given free rein Brown proudly proclaimed all the crippling economic measures Britain was leading the world with. Brown smiling announced the restrictive targets for CO2 emissions, the taxes, how Britain was trying to get wealth redistribution climate change talks going again.

Climategate, Glaciergate and the endless flaws and errors of Michael Mann, IPCC and Phil Jones have never happened for Labour and Gordon Brown, still trying for business as usual at the Church of Climatology. Public opinion means nothing to Brown, Labour if reelected will pursue their dream of one world socialist government and wealth redistribution.

Aardvark is not quite sure what is Clegg’s position on Climate Change is, he seems to believe in it, most probably because his advisers are lagging behind public opinion or because to be a good Liberal a certain amount of eco chic is de rigueur.

When asked about Climate Change David Cameron talked about better insulation and energy saving measures to reduce the cost of heating and get people out of fuel poverty, Read the rest of this entry

Nick Clegg Brands Gordon Brown A “Desperate Politician”

Lord Adonis started the whole idea of another Lib Lab pact with his suggestion that Labour and Lib Dem voters should vote tactically and in support of one another. An idea that sooned gained support from Brown and Mandelson.

Then today a desperate Gordon Brown is pleading for an anti Tory alliance in the Independent.

Brown spent most of the Leaders Debate cosying up to Nick Clegg and obviously was hoping to start forging some sort of alliance.

Nick Clegg is none to keen to be seen as the man who help lead Britain over the abyss, into a new dark age, more commonly known as another 5 years of Gordon Brown.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg today launched a scathing personal attack on Gordon Brown branding him a “desperate politician” who had systematically blocked political reform.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Clegg said that Labour was “clutching at straws” after slumping to third place in the opinion polls.

The Prime Minister told The Independent that he was “serious” about creating a “new politics” in the wake of the expenses scandal and urged the Lib Dems to respond to Labour’s plans.

That appeared a remote prospect as Mr Clegg said he did not believe Mr Brown’s conversion to reform of the voting system, with the Prime Minister having for years resisted any change.

“Brown systematically blocked, and personally blocked, political reform. I think he is a desperate politician and I just do not believe him,” he said. Read the rest of this entry

Daily Mirror Brown Crushes Clegg And Cameron

David Cameron was left floundering last night as Gordon Brown repeatedly outsmarted him during Britain’s first Prime Ministerial TV debate.

So begins an article in the Mirror under the banner headline Brown Crushes Clegg and Cameron, evidently the Mirror watched a different Leaders Debate to the one watched by the rest of the populace who are in touch with the real world.

Lord Mandelson said Nick Clegg had won on style, Gordon Brown on substance and David Cameron was “painfully squeezed” in the middle.

He added: “People are seeing and hearing Nick Clegg for the first time … I accept he was high on style and quite effective. But on the other side of David Cameron was Gordon Brown. He won the argument.”

It’s difficult to the article seriously because it makes about as much sense as Labour do, and unsurprisingly there is no author listed for this piece of blatant Labour propagada. Read the rest of this entry