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Angela Merkel Fires Germanys Environment Minister

Norbert Röttgen Germany’s Environment Minister, the first Green political casualty more are bound to follow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has fired her Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen for being Green and believing that renewables can power an industrial economy like Germany.

Merkel is a very astute politician and determined to hang on to power, Germany has often been quoted by the ecomentalists as leading the Green transition disaster in Europe, which is exactly what Merkel wanted people to believe.

The reality is different Merkel wanted to pay political lip service to the Green Dream while in reality, doing as little as possible, so chosing an ardent Green ecomentalist was a rare mistake for Merkel.

This last winter the lights nearly went out in Germany and the outlook for this winter is still far from certain.

German solar has been a huge financial disaster, and new financial regulations make it impossible to invest in off shore wind farms, which leaves the German Green Dream as good as dead. Read the rest of this entry