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Green Lies Exposed – The Chevy Volt

Green washed as environmentally friendly Chevrolet are selling just 110 Volts a month

The electric car has longed been pitched by the ecomentalists as clean, zero CO2 emitting transport, provided that you believe electricity just is and never needs to be generated.

Chevrolet have joined the green bandwagon with their Volt which is of course going to save the planet.

Maybe not, because depending upon where you are in the USA, depends on how the electricity for your Volt is generated Read the rest of this entry

Green Lies Exposed – The Electric Car

The Electric Car like everything pushed by the warming alarmists and Greens, is nothing more than a careful selection of isolated facts all glued together with gallons of snake oil.

If you assume that an electric car is a paranormal object, it miraculously appears without needing manufacture, it runs on electricity that is solely generated by a realistic clean source like nuclear, and then when life expired, disappears in the same miraculous way as it appeared; then the chances are you have been snorting way too much Pixie dust and need to come down: Read the rest of this entry