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George Moonbat “CO2 Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear Waste”

George "Moonbat" Monbiot CO2 is a far greater danger than nuclear waste.

George “Moonbat” Monbiot CO2 is a far greater danger than nuclear waste.

The latest Guardian environmental journalist to block yours truly on Twitter, George Monbiot, seems to be seriously losing the plot, as the Great Man Made Global Warming scam continues its slide into the trashcan of history, in his latest opus maximus Monbiot claims CO2 is more dangerous than nuclear waste, because there is no way to clean up CO2.

Moonbat is terrified of Carbon Dioxide, so terrified in fact, that Moonbat supports nuclear energy, which for a Green is a total oxymoron, as his fellow believers in Climate Religion celebrate Green tokenism from Japan and Germany in abandoning nuclear power, Moonbat despairs.

Moonbat also posses another quality rarely found in a Green Liberal, he to some extent, thinks things through, not the knee jerk flush of feeling good about some unexplored idea for George, who knows that governments will fill the gap in generating capacity lost by shutting down nuclear, by burning more coal and ergo more CO2 will be emitted, and the sacred emissions targets abandoned or breached. Read the rest of this entry

Bayer Threatens To Quit Germany Over Energy Costs

Bayer invented Aspirin in 1897

David Cameron and Chris Huhne were told by the Confederation of British Industry and the manufacturers association that Green taxes and Climate Religion are killing jobs and economic recovery.

Both organisations have warned that companies will relocate to countries where Climate Religion does not hold sway over the economic good of the country, countries where the politicians put the good of their country ahead of an absurd fear of an inert trace gas.

The recent news that Germany bowing to Green hysteria post Fukushima and phasing out its nuclear power stations by 2022, and replacing lost generating capacity with unreliable and heavily subsidised renewables is worrying German business: Read the rest of this entry

Lib Dem Fall – Attila The Huhnatic Attacks Little Nicky Clegg

Attila the Huhnatic Vs Nick "The Kipper" Clegg

All is not well in the Lib Dem party, with their popularity at all time low the knives are fast being sharpened prior to being (methaporically) shoved in to Nick Clegg’s back.

Nick “The Kipper” Clegg being famous for being two faced and gutless is as much an electoral liability as Gordon Brown was to Labour and is being kept away from the public gaze prior to the Local Council Elections on May 5th.

Attila the Huhnatic who was a close second to Clegg in the Lib Dem Leadership contest is reckoned to be positiong himself to oust Clegg as Lib Dem Party Leader Read the rest of this entry

Green Hysteria – Calling Time On The Nuclear Age

How the Church of Climatology wants you to see nuclear power

The tragedy in Japan and the subsequent problems with the 1960’s designed PWR’s has got Mother Green and her hysteria machine in full swing, about the dangers of any form of nuclear power and  what better way to illustrate the point than using Hiroshima as an example of the dangers of nuclear power.

Tenuous connection at best, but it does make the case for pushing wind power and renewables as the only viable way forward: Read the rest of this entry