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University Tuition Fees – The Facts

MP’s have now voted and by a majority of 21 the proposed tuition fees have been passed into law.

The whole business of tuition fees has been whipped by interested parties into another poll tax style campaign.

What are the real facts behind these tuition fees, for example the fees are paid by graduates and not students Read the rest of this entry

DEMOLITION 10.11.10 The Students Who Expect Us To Pay For Them

Sensible title for student protest

What kind of immature tosser pretending to be a grown up comes up with a title like Demolition for a student demonstration?

Wake up children Aardvark knows mummy might have stopped breast feeding you too early, or your teacher did not pay you enough attention at school, and Gordon Brown gave you all those rights that you have no life experience to use or understand.

Under Labour nobody ever told you off incase it stunted you growth or caused bed wetting well past primary school, but throwing all your toys out the pram does not work once you leave school and there is no Labour government in place to keep fantasy equality world going.

National Lampoons Animal House is a comedy film, it is not a blueprint for life, wake up and smell the Calpol Read the rest of this entry