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Global Warming Fears And The Link With OCD

The Copenhagen COP15 opening video shown to delegates is all about fear, fear has historically always played a part in politics so there is always something that the politicians, or dictators can save us from, and anything done is always justified as necessary to save us from a fate worth than death, or something like that.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has always used fear as one of its key message delivery systems, all the ice will be gone by 2015, there will be millions of climate change refugees, snow in winter will be a thing of the past. polar bears will be extinct, the list of non event environmental holocausts is endless.

The great climate catastrophes the warming alarmists prayed for so they could say they were right, have failed singularly to happen, belief in Climate Religion is declining faster and faster each day, though there will always be some people who believe the made up fear stories of the warming alarmists.

The University of Sydney Anxiety Disorders Clinic has conducted a study of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and the impact of the great global warming scam, the findings make for disturbing reading: Read the rest of this entry