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Green Energy Fails Again Offshore Wind Farms Are Sinking

The latest renewable energy failure offshore wind, the turbines have crumbling foundations and some are sinking

Globally renewable energy has proved to be a very expensive, and unreliable source of power generation, unable to survive without the lifeblood of Green subsidy and backup from power stations on standby for when the wind blows too fast, there is no wind or the turbines freeze solid in winter.

The major problem has been greed, the warmists like to refer to the “dash for gas” when spreading lies about fracking, the so called Greening of energy sources should be called “the dash for Green cash”, because this is exactly what has happened.

The Greens and ecomentalists turned a blind eye to the scam, instead they proclaimed that industry believed in the Green agenda and the CO2 Wolf, when all along it was about grabbing the billions available in Green subsidy as quickly as possible.

The wind turbines in use on both land, and at sea, have a major design problem with the gearboxes and lubricants, to date no gear oil has yet been invented that can stand the pressures in the gearbox. Read the rest of this entry