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Harriet What Have You Done?

By Tory Aardvark

The patron saint of equality could well have made the single biggest mistake of her career today, well if we had a government with honesty and integrity it would be a mistake. With this current government personified by spineless leadership, white wash and cover up, it will probably not matter one iota.

Harriet Harman Leader of the Commons

Harriet Harman Leader of the Commons

“According to police sources, Ms Harman is being investigated for driving without due care and attention, driving while illegally using a mobile phone and failing to stop after an accident, the most serious of the three offences”. more from James Millbank in The Mail

What sort of investigation can we expect? Will it be the sort of high speed white wash that has been attempted with the Attorney General?

Lord Ahmed

Lord Ahmed

Then there is the case of Labour Peer Lord Ahmed.

Jailing Lord Ahmed for 12 weeks, Mr Justice Wilkie said he had considered a suspended term because the dangerous driving had not caused the crash. But he added: ‘It is of the greatest importance people realise what a serious offence dangerous driving of this type is.

Martin Gombar died after being hit by a car driven by Lord Ahmed

Mr Justice Wilkie :”By reason of the prolonged, deliberate, repeated and highly dangerous driving, only a custodial sentence can be justified.

He said Ahmed, whom he banned from driving for a year, “must serve half the term before being released“. Full story in The Mail

Ahmed should have served half the sentence which is 42 days, he was released after just 16 days.

Gordon Brown Will Take No Action Against Law Chief

This utterly unbelievable, once again Gordon Brown has shown himself to be completely free of honour, integrity, transparency and fairness.

This is the sort of action we have come to expect from Brown and his corrupt, lying and largely unelected government.

If you want to read more of the odious details about this story then Sky’s political correspondent Joey Jones said: “The risk, from Gordon Brown’s point of view, is that he has embroiled himself in controversy, and the issues over Baroness Scotland will dog him throughout the run up to the Labour conference.”

Guido at order-order has this to say

David Blackburn at the Coffee House comments

The Attorney General speaks on Sky

This absolutely scandalous, there is one rule for the Labour Government, and there is another for all the rest of us.

Brown knows the General Election is lost, and Labour doomed, which is why he holds every one of us in utter contempt and treats us as though we are stupid.
This is not going down well with the public, as can be seen from the comments posted at Coffee Shop and Guido.

This story is unlikely to go away anytime soon

Well done Cyclops yet another nail in the coffin of Labour.