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Conservative Lead 7% In Latest Opinion Poll

An opinion poll in the Guardian today has the Conservatives on 39% (+2), Labour 32% (+2), Lib Dems 21% (-3), this is the first poll since the General Election.

With all the hype of coalition government, it seems a bit early in the game to be thinking of separate parties and their approval ratings, what happend to the unity of the Conservative and Lib Dem parties?

Overall 59% of voters back the new government Read the rest of this entry

More Bad Poll News For Labour

A Populous poll for the Times makes grim reading for Labour writes David Blackburn on the Coffee Shop blog
Labour’s smear tactics of “Two faced Tories”, “10% cuts” and the blatant lie story that Obama said Cameron was a lightweight have crashed and burned with the public; the Conservatives are now the most trusted party on just about everything that used to be the preserve of Labour.

Poll details here

Conservatives are the best party to reform the NHS, opinion poll says latest from Peter Riddell in The Times