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MP’s Expenses Things Should Never Be The Same Again

By Tory Aardvark

The mood in Westminster is bleak, shell shocked with some traces of petulant defiance being shown by the MP’s that are standing down.

Public confidence in Parliament is at all time low for modern times, as MP’s are seen as avaricious, devious and generally untrustworthy.

They have no one but themselves to blame for the mess they now find themselves in, a mess far worse than when Parliament went into recess 12 weeks ago. Sir Thomas Legg’s report apart from back firing badly on Gordon Brown, has fanned the flames of public anger anew.

Expenses Time

Expenses Time

Aardvark has no sympathy for troughers of any political party, a trougher has abused their position of power and trust at the expense of the tax payer and broken the trust that once existed between them and the people who voted for them.

Have our elected representatives learnt anything so far? It would appear not. “MPs’ anger over demands for repayment of expenses is deepening, as a Labour back bencher suggests legal action could be an option“. on Sky News

Two days ago the Standards and Privileges Committee had the opportunity to start to regain public confidence by making an example of disgraced former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, instead they chose to use a politically biased committee to protect one of their own, yet again at the expense of the credibility of the mother of all Parliaments.

These are unusual times, and unusual times call for unusual actions.

Parliament needs to act, and it needs to act now. Decisively once and for all.

Those that have chosen to run away with their loot by standing down at the General Election, should be suspended without pay and with loss of pension, or step down immediately and suffer the same loss of pay and pension rights, their actions should not allow them any further pecuniary advantage.

Any MP who has to pay back £10,000 or more, be they minister, shadow minister or back bencher should be forced to resign immediately and a by election called in their constituency.

The voters will decide for themselves on the record of the person they vote for, so to an extent the people will be able to clean up Parliament; but the lingering question remains: Why wont Parliament clean itself up properly and with integrity?

Perhaps the people we elect are more interested in partisan politics and nest feathering, than they are the good of the country.