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Britain’s New Right Wing Environment Secretary

Owen Paterson – End all subsidies for wind and solar and fast track shale gas

There is a new Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson who moves from being Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to being Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) where he replaces the lacklustre warming alarmist Caroline Spelman, who has been shitcanned moved to the back benches.

The really good news is that Paterson is a real Conservative, from the right wing of the Party which of course, in the eyes of the Green Liberal warming alarmists makes him a very bad person.

No surprises for guessing that over in Green Liberal propaganda land, sometimes called the Guardian, Gaia’s self appointed representative Damian “I AM HEAD OF ENVIRONMENT” Carrington has returned from his sabbatical to tell us all just what a bad person Owen Paterson really is: Read the rest of this entry