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COP19 – Green NGOs To Walk Out Of The Climate Circus

Green NGOs are set to walk out of COP19 talks due to lack to progress in wealth redistribution.

Green NGOs are set to walk out of COP19 talks due to lack to progress in wealth redistribution.

After years of having a hysterical mainstream media pushing the Green fear meme, having politicians desperate to placate their shrill demands the Green NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF, FoE et al are having a tough time adapting to the new reality.

The writing first appeared on the wall at COP18 for the Green NGOs, when their interruptions to the climate talks was for the first time limited to just 30 seconds. A year later and the reality has still not sunk in, Green NGOs are now irrelevant to the COP negotiating process, despite still weaving their Green propaganda and junk science into IPCC Assessment Reports.

COP19 was always going to deliver absolutely nothing,even before the Boy King Obama killed off wealth redistribution loss and damage which effectively delivered the coup de grâce. Read the rest of this entry

COP18 The Banshee Wail Of The Green NGOs

The wail of the Banshee for the death of the UN Climate Change scam.

The wail of the Banshee for the death of the UN Climate Change scam.

Legend has it that a Banshee is a fairy woman who starts to wail when someone is about die, the Banshee legend is found in many cultures from Gaelic to Norse and American folklore.

With COP18 due to finish tomorrow and no positive outcome for the warmists in sight, a coalition of Green NGOs including the usual suspects of Greenpeace, WWF, FoE and Oxfam have joined together to wail loudly about the lack of progress at COP18, when in reality their wailing is for the death of the Great Man Made Global Warming scam. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – AGW Dies In Australia And USA

With all this General Election business the wealth redistributionists and one world governmentalists have had an easy ride of it lately.

Apart from Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband trying to restart the wealth redistribution Climate Chage talks last month and Brown trying to push the AGW agenda in the last leader’s debate, Anthropogenic Global Warming has not really featured in the General Election thus far. Yesterday when Gordon Brown was supposed to be launching Labour’s Green manifesto, he instead used the occasion to attack Conservative policies.

What happened to 50 days to save the world?

The is more really bad news for the warming alarmists today as former leading member of the Church of Climatology, Australian PM Kevin Rudd abandons Climate Religion:

Kevin Rudd two years ago thought no issue was more important, and he was the man to say so:

The biggest challenge the world faces in the decades ahead is climate change. It is the great moral and economic challenge of our time.

Today no issue is more embarrassing, and Rudd gets unidentified spokesman to say it’s on the backburner:

It was once a centrepiece of the Federal Government’s election strategy, but now the emissions trading scheme (ETS) has been relegated to the shelf until at least 2013. Hat tip to the always excellent Andrew Bolt

Kevin Rudd, like Gordon Brown and Obama were all people for whom the science was settled, there was no debate left they were going to push ahead with their dream of one world unelected socialist government.

Meanwhile back in the USA the Climate Change Bill has been postponed indefinitely: Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – More AGW Alarmism From Oxfam About Tajikistan

For some people and organisations Climategate and the deeply flawed 2007 IPCC report never happened; Oxfam is a case in point.

One of Oxfams goal’s is to redistribute wealth and AGW was the golden goose of the redistributionists, so it’s hardly surprising that Oxfam are using old AGW lies in this latest piece of warming alarmism in the Guardian.

A report released today by Oxfam details fast-rising temperatures, melting glaciers in the Pamir mountains, increased disease, drought, landslides and food shortages. Temperatures plummeted to -20C for more than a month in 2008-09 – unheard of in what is, in places, a subtropical region – and temperatures in the south of the country near Afghanistan have risen several degrees above normal, said the report.

About 20% of the country’s 8,492 glaciers are in retreat and 30% more are likely to retreat or disappear by 2050, said Ilhomjon Rajabov, head of the state’s climate change department. The largest glacier, Fedchenko, has lost 44 sq km, or 6% of its volume, in the last 34 years. Read the rest of this entry