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Global Warming The Cause Of Everything Past, Present And Future

UK floods of 2000, they could have occurred naturally, but Climate Change might have been involved

Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption is the cause of everything that has ever happened past, present and future if this latest bit of patently stupid warming alarmism is to be believed.

It’s another one of those “it would have happened anyway, but Climate Disruption might have been involved” type stories, the point of which escapes Aardvark, as post Climategate the predicted terror scenarios have fallen on more increasingly deaf ears than ever before, so there would seem to be little point in reverse engineering junk science for a might have been story.

Still the warming alarmists are increasingly desperate, but guys 2000 is really not the best year to revisit, given the predictions the alarmists made that year: Read the rest of this entry