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Penn State Warming Alarmist – Climate Change Denial Is A Crime

Donald A Brown another warming alarmist from Penn State

Donald A Brown is Associate Professor in Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law at Penn State.

Penn State home of decline hiding hockey stick masturbating junk scientist Michael Mann, Penn State where they closed ranks and in a sham white wash inquiry exonerated Michael Mann of any wrong doing or fraud, well for now anyway.

The winds of change are about to blow through Obama’s warming alarmist regime after the mid term election results are in, the Republicans are going to be looking for answers and heads.

In the run up to COP16 the warming alarmists will be emerging and making the usual statements about fear and refloating the idea that if they jail everyone who does not agree with one world government, then they will get their way Read the rest of this entry

Penn State – Rally for Fair And Independent Investigation Of Michael Mann And Climategate

Last weeks Penn State’s whitewash of Michael Mann not only crashed and burned with a AGW sceptics and politicians, but also students, residents and comunity leaders at Penn State.

Students, residents and community leaders will join together on Friday, February 12, to demand a fair and independent investigation of Michael Mann and Climategate. The University has a conflict of interest, and should not conduct an internal investigation without external oversight. The Rally for Academic Integrity will take place in front of the Hetzel Union Building (HUB) on Penn State’s University Park Campus (Pollock Road entrance) at 12:00. This Rally for Academic Integrity is jointly sponsored by PSU Young Americans for Freedom and The 9-12 Project of Central PA.

Penn State’s internal inquiry into Michael Mann’s alleged scientific misconduct concluded with the virtual exoneration of his behavior, and ignored key evidence in the Climategate scandal. As feared, this inquiry was little more than a whitewash—an assault on academic integrity.

Second, the review consisted of looking at a mere 47 emails (out of thousands in question), interviewing Mann, analyzing materials he submitted, and asking only two biased sources about his credibility. Penn State hardly conducted a “thorough investigation” of alleged wrongdoing by Mann.

Full story at at Penn State

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Climategate – Irony Penn State And Tory Aardvark Blog Use The Same Software

The WordPress software that runs this blog provides detailed usuage statistics of where our readers come from, how many hits a certain referrer has sent to the blog and so on.

Yesterday we noticed some referrals from to blogs about Michael Mann, so we followed the link back and found a post on Michael Mann and Climategate.

After the blog post and before the comments WordPress automatically generates 4 links to other posts that contain similar subject matter.

The bottom 3 links are all to this blog which is more than slightly ironic, as sceptic, denier or non believer does not even get close to our views on Mann and Anthropogenic Global Warming.

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Climategate Michael Mann Is Feeling Lonely

Michael Mann made Climate Change nothing else

Discredited and under investigation Penn State scientist Michael E Mann is feeling lonely and isolated as there are not many scientists willing to support him in the continued propagation and support of the Anthropogenic Global Warming lie. Scientists may be in short supply but Mann’s US $500,000 handout last week of Obama Money was a reward from King Hussein for Mann continuing to fan the dying embers of the man made climate change theory lie.

Mann has good reason to feel lonely and isolated two of the most important players in his web of deceit, the BBC and the UK Met Office have fallen out big time. The BBC is investigating it’s coverage of science and it’s accuracy and impartiality, gone are the days when Mann could berate BBC Science correspondent Richard Black about the heresy on the BBC’s web site about AGW.

The BBC and the Met Office have parted company over the quality of the Met Office’s forecasts, the barbecue summer that turned out to be a frozen monsoon, the mild winter that saw Oxfordshire as cold as Antarctica. The WWF have been caught out being complict with the Himalayan Glaciers melting by 2035 debacle; the head of the UK Met Office used to be in charge of the WWF operations in the UK. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Demand For Michael Mann’s Research To Be Independently Investigated

A quick reminder of Mann’s antics and still funny.


The release of embarrassingly candid emails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia has intensified, if not vindicated, suspicions that scientific misconduct has played a significant role in fueling alarmism over supposed catastrophic manmade global warming.

Just days after news broke about what has been dubbed “Climategate,” Penn State University (PSU) announced that it would investigate the conduct of Michael Mann, a professor in PSU’s Department of Meteorology and a prominent figure in the Climategate emails.

While PSU is to be commended for recognizing that Climategate is a serious matter and that an investigation into Michael Mann’s conduct is warranted, the investigation constitutes a conflict of interest for the university. Mann’s climate work brings enough visibility, prestige, and revenue to PSU to legitimately call into question the university’s ability to do a thorough and unbiased investigation.

To avoid this glaring conflict of interest and ensure that the investigation of Mann is credible, the Pennsylvania General Assembly should commission an external and independent investigation into Mann’s potential scientific misconduct.

Full story at WhatsUPWithThat

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