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EU’s Green Agenda Faces Global Opposition

The EU one of the last bastions of Climate Religion sets the example that we were told the rest of the world would follow; the problem is economic suicide is only popular with EU Commissars

The Left have always attached noble and lofty adjectives to their political aims, taking the moral high ground, leading by example are popular chants from the comrades of socialism, environmentalism and the easily manipulated eco sheep of the Occupy movement.

All the talk of moral high ground and leading way to a brave new Green world are just smokescreens to force the environmental legislation through at any price, with the secondary vain hope that there might be other ecomentalist simpletons in power elsewhere who also want to de-industrialise their societies, commit economic suicide and embrace the misery and drudge of the Green Agrarian Society.

All in all, it sounds like political suicide, well it would be if the EU Commissars concerned were elected, but as usual with the EU democracy is not in the loop, so the unelected and unanswerable climate zealots will continue with their Green agenda, that the rest of the world does not want any part of.

So much for leading by example, instead the largely bankrupt EU is on a collision course for a Global Trade War with the rest of the world: Read the rest of this entry