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Climategate – The Hoax Of The Century

Anthropogenic Global Warming is the hoax of the century, where science has been corrupted for personal and institutional gain, perverted by the politics of one world government and wealth redistribution and garnished with a unhealthy dose of fear and guilt.

Al Gore and his disciples at the Church of Climatology are not the first to try and pull a fast one, though nobody has ever tried to pull a scam on such a vast scale as Climate Change before, $45 trillion is after all a lot of money.

With publication of “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, the hunt was on for the “missing link.” Fame and fortune awaited the scientist who found the link proving Darwin right: that man evolved from a monkey.

In 1912, success! In a gravel pit near Piltdown in East Sussex, there was found the cranium of a man with the jaw of an ape.

“Darwin Theory Proved True,” ran the banner headline. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Phil Jones At The Commons Science and Technology Committee

Discredited former head of the CRU Phil Jones was giving evidence at the Commons Science and Technology Committee yesterday, also giving evidence were representatives of the Institute of Physics who are none to happy with the Climategate goings on at the CRU.

The Institute of Physics has this to say: ‘Unless the disclosed emails are proved to be forgeries or adaptations, worrying implications arise for the integrity of scientific research and for the credibility of the scientific method” Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Phil Jones Could Face Fraud Charges

Phil Jones and the CRU have escaped prosecution under the Freedom of Information Act because of the 6 month get out clause, Jones however is still open to prosecution under the 2006 Fraud Act.

What the Times and the rest of the media are overlooking is that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), not the ICO, are responsible for announcing the results of the police investigation into the Climategate scandal. The ICO is merely a non-departmental public body which reports directly to Parliament, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice and deals solely with data protection, FOIA regulations, privacy, electronic communications regulations and environmental regulations.

What is not being intelligently reported is that Jones is still liable as lead conspirator in the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and may face prosecution under the United Kingdom Fraud Act (2006). If convicted of the offense of fraud by either false representation, failing to disclose information or fraud by abuse of his position, he stands liable to a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.

In this article I shall demonstrate that the fuss over the FOIA infringement, although in itself succeeding in achieving no conviction, does demonstrate that the ICO has acted improperly and may have prejudiced the outcome of any prosecution Jones may face for far more serious offenses for false representation (section 2) and failing to disclose information (section 3) under the Fraud Act (2006).

Hat tip to John O Sullivan at

Climategate – Phil Jones And Scientists At The CRU Broke The Law

Another day dawns and the bad news for those involved in the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam continues, as the spotlight shifts back to where Climategate started at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

Phil Jones, former head of the CRU has stood down while the workings of the CRU are investigated by other faculty members of the UEA. Conflict of interest? Very probably but then truth and transparency are always the first casualties of the snake oil salesman.

The Information Commisioner’s office has ruled that by refusing to hand over raw climate data for public scruitiny that UEA broke the law.

The University of East Anglia breached the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to comply with requests for data concerning claims by its scientists that man-made emissions were causing global warming.

The Information Commissioner’s Office decided that UEA failed in its duties under the act but said that it could not prosecute those involved because the complaint was made too late, The Times has learnt.

The Information Commissioner’s office is going to try and change the law and it’s six month get out of jail free card.

In one email, Professor Jones asked a colleague to delete emails relating to the 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

He also told a colleague that he had persuaded the university authorities to ignore information requests under the act from people linked to a website run by climate sceptics

That is how you settle the religion science that Obama, Brown, Sarkozy and their new commie friends like Chavez follow so blindly.

A spokesman for the ICO said: “The legislation prevents us from taking any action but from looking at the emails it’s clear to us a breach has occurred.” Breaches of the act are punishable by an unlimited fine.

Phil Jones future career prospects are looking bleaker than Spitzbergen in an Arctic storm, there will need to be sacrificial lambs at some point, Jones is a likely candidate for the slaughter in UK, and Michael Mann in the USA.

It is time there was a public inquiry in to the wrong doings at CRU, a public inquiry that has the power to refer eveidence to the Serious Fraud Office and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Billions of pounds have been squandered, while a bunch of liars with motives of personal gain and glory, a hidden agenda of one world government and wealth redistribution have tried to pull off the biggest con trick in history. Now they been caught and must be held to account.

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Climategate – 100 Reasons Why Climate Change Is Natural

The Daily Express caught Aardvark off guard this morning, with a story about Climate Change that does not support the flawed science that is being so heavily pushed in Denmark right now.

The mainstream media in the UK has largely blacked out Climategate, with the exception of James Delingpole at the Telegraph, who has been relentless in exposing the AGW lie. All other Climategate coverage has been righteous indignation at the non-believers, which has been a double edged sword for the warmists as they report the story from their angle; it also exposes the story to other interpretations.

A hat tip to the Express for this article:

The report, by the respected European Foundation, also argues that a higher level of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the main greenhouse gas – is not a problem because it helps to boost crop yields.

And it claims that the warming we are now experiencing is “mostly natural”, pointing to historic shifts in the climate such as when Vikings farmed on Greenland in medieval times.

Political analyst Jim McConalogue, who wrote the report, said: “This demonstrates how tenuous, improper and indeed false the scientific and political claims are for man-made global warming, from claims that climate change can be controlled by human activity to the proposition that CO2 emissions represent a severe threat to our way of life, when in fact there is little evidence to support any of these claims.”

In a linked article the Express continues with:

HERE are the 100 reasons, released in a dossier issued by the European Foundation, why climate change is natural and not man-made:

1) There is “no real scientific proof” that the current warming is caused by the rise of greenhouse gases from man’s activity.

2) Man-made carbon dioxide emissions throughout human history constitute less than 0.00022 percent of the total naturally emitted from the mantle of the earth during geological history.

3) Warmer periods of the Earth’s history came around 800 years before rises in CO2 levels.

4) After World War II, there was a huge surge in recorded CO2 emissions but global temperatures fell for four decades after 1940.

5) Throughout the Earth’s history, temperatures have often been warmer than now and CO2 levels have often been higher – more than ten times as high.

6) Significant changes in climate have continually occurred throughout geologic time.

7) The 0.7C increase in the average global temperature over the last hundred years is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term, natural climate trends.

8)The IPCC theory is driven by just 60 scientists and favourable reviewers not the 4,000 usually cited.

9) Leaked e-mails from British climate scientists – in a scandal known as “Climate-gate” – suggest that that has been manipulated to exaggerate global warming

10) A large body of scientific research suggests that the sun is responsible for the greater share of climate change during the past hundred years.

The question that still remains unanswered is why given all the question marks over the validity of science and the findings do certain politicians like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband in the UK say the flawed science does not matter press on regardless.

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