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Polarbeargate – It’s Lie Detector Time

Polarbeargate just another childs fear tale from the Church of Climatology

The first decade of the 21st Century was a heady time for climate scientists the new false prophets of the left leaning liberals, who took Anthropogenic Global Warming to their hearts, it was all Homo sapiens fault, which dovetailed nicely with the global liberal belief in original guilt, which is much like the christian concept of original sin.

There is always something to apologise for or feel guilty about.

As the science became not only settled, but also politically correct, so the amount of money on offer to support the man made Climate Change theory increased, all political systems need a bogeyman, the USSR bogeyman had finally come apart as Marxism ultimately does not work, so a new something to be feared was needed, enter the CO2 Wolf. Read the rest of this entry

Polarbeargate – Charles Monnet Questioned By Special Agents

Al "Bullshit" Gore Prophet of the Church of Climatology

It just keeps getting worse for the Church of Climatology, Climate Pope Visonary and Prophet Al Gore is saying bullshit instead of speaking it as usual, and Polarbeargate just will not go away.

When the Polarebeargate story broke the Obama administration went to great lengths to say that the investigation of Charles Monnet had nothing to do with the junk science of Monnet’s 2006 report on drowning polar bears.

No surprises that the warming alarmists closed ranks again, because special agents from Interior Department’s inspector General’s Office are questioning Monnet and one of his accomplices on their 2006 report on the drowning polar bears: Read the rest of this entry

Polarbeargate – Now Its All Al Gore’s Fault

Polar bears barbecuing a penguin, makes about as much sense as the Church of Climatology

One of the most amusing things about any repressive ideology in decline, be it communism, Nazism or in this case the Church of Climatology, is the guaranteed way that as the whole house church of cards comes tumbling down the followers will inevitably turn on each other.

Polarbeargate is proving to be another major embarrassment for the warming alarmist believers, there are a number of different stories as to why Charles Monnet has been suspended, though the revelation  that Monnets wife peer reviewed his 2006 paper on Polar Bears drowning follows the usual farcical pattern of Climate Religion science,  is hardly breaking news.

Now warming alarmist Ian Stirling feels that Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth Powerpoint presentation overinterpreted Monnett’s observations: Read the rest of this entry

Polarbeargate Is The New Climategate

Dr Charles Monnett report on polar bears has, er, Integrity Issues

The grey propaganda and lies of the Church of Climatology are coming home to roost faster than chickens on amphetamines these days, hardly a day goes past without new revelations about their lies, or draconian attempts to stifle debate.

Now the “scientist” behind the drowning polar bear report in 2004, and much quoted by Climate Pope Al Gore, has been suspended by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement for “integrity issues regarding this report : Read the rest of this entry