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COP17 Climate Change Policies Cause Fuel Poverty

Climate Change policies will simultaneously increase bills and depress average household income because of negative effects on our industrial competitiveness

Chris Huhne the Climate Change Minister has repeatedly lied about the costs of Climate Change policies on energy bills claiming that people would be better off in the brave new Green world of bird choppers and unreliable power supplies, when all the time Huhne knew the real costs of his Green Climate Religion, they were after all hidden in the small print of his own Government Departments Report.

The Confederation of British Industry warned of the economic cost of Green Taxes and Feedin tariffs, so did the Manufacturers Association, now the Renewable Energy Foundation has produced a study Energy Policy and Consumer Hardship detailing the impact of Climate Religion Policies on fuel poverty.

In Britain the average wage in the private sector is £25,000 and £29,000 for the Public sector, if you earn less than £25,000 then turning up the heating is probably not an option: Read the rest of this entry