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Each British Wind Farm Job Requires £100,000 Green Subsidy

Every job in Britain's Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

Every job in Britain’s Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

A new analysis of government and industry figures of Britain’s wind industry by the Daily Telegraph has shown yet again that these pointless monuments to Green folly are not only still economically unviable, but also, the Green lie about all the jobs that will be created, is exposed for the naked bare faced lie that it is, as one operator of multiple wind farms admits that wind farms are not labour intensive.

The Great Man Made Global Warming scare was always a political agenda embraced by the left, so it is no surprise to learn that this patently ludicrous system of Green subsidy known as Renewables Obligation was the brain child of Britain’s worst Prime Minister in 200 years, Gordon Brown and his then Green sock puppet Ed Miliband.

The Renewables Obligation is added to energy bills and paid for by every household and employer in the country, forcing families and the most vulnerable into energy poverty, pushing up employers costs and killing jobs, all to support an energy generation system that is intermittent and requires fossil fuel power stations on 24/7 standby for when intermittency strikes. Read the rest of this entry