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The Fallout For 10:10 From Splattergate

The fallout for 10:10 and their exploding kids movie is dramatic to say the least with various sponsors/supporters of 10:10 distancing themselves from the organisation faster than a speeding bullet.

Like the old saying goes “many a true word is spoken in jest” and Richard Curtis’s film for the warming alarmists really showed what these eco-mentalists and eco-terrorists are all about; and now Sony have chosen to disassociate themselves from 10:00 Read the rest of this entry

A Plan So Cunning You Could Call It Warmist Propaganda Backfires

How the mighty have fallen and lost their way in their blind support for Anthropogenic Global Warming, Richard Curtis part of a gifted comedy team that brought us many great comedy series, including Blackadder has fucked up in an absolute monumental scale with this ill judged short film. Read the rest of this entry