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Obama – Texas Is On Fire Becuase Perry Is A Climate Change Denier

Obama and Gore discuss settled science

Obama is toast in 2012 even the Democrats are starting to think Obama, to use his own words to describe Gordon Brown’sĀ  regime in Britain, has the “smell of death” about him.

There is little that Obama can use as his record of success as President, jobs, the economy, climate religion all have been monumental failures, like Brown, Obama’s only option is to attack.

As Obama slips ever further in his presidential approval ratings so Obama’s attacks on Perry are becoming wilder, so wild that in fact the Obama’s total ignorance of science is becoming embarrassing for him and the Democrats: Read the rest of this entry

The World Needs To Prepare For A Climate Skeptic In The White House

Obama's brief window for wealth redistribution has closed

Oh boy the warming alarmists are in a state of fear about next year’s US Presidential elections, the odour of coffee is overwhelming as the global left awake to the realisation that their icon, Barack Hussein Obama is looking increasingly likely to be a single term President.

The global decline in believers in Climate Religion has been seized on by the warming alarmists as an opportunity to make man made climate change a left wing liberal cause celebre, something noble, lofty and intellectual that evil selfish right wingers deny.

The level of panic felt by the left can normally be determined by who they wheel out as the bogey men, in this case Sarah Palin and The Tea Party are the evil spectres that haunt the warming alarmists, and when they wheel out Palin and The Tea Party folks, the liberalĀ  left are running scared: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Realism – Texas Govenor Rick Perry To Run For President

Rick Perry Global Warming "all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight

Texas Governor Rick Perry has thrown his hat into the ring for the US 2012 Presidential Elections; Rick Perry is a rare politician who has never climbed on the Global Warming Band Wagon, thus he is not tied to the Church of Climatology for reasons of ego, political correctness or a total inability to say he was wrong.

In 2009 Perry said “Al Gore has gone to hell” because of Gore’s belief in Climate Religion.

The news that a climate “sceptic” is standing for President has been greeted with dismay by eco mentalists and the Church of Climatology in both the US and Britain: Read the rest of this entry