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EU Climate Religion Fail – Chris Huhne Orders Inquiry Into Tory MEPs

Lib Dem Chris Huhne orders inquiry into Tory MEPs, where does this idiot get off?

Chris Huhne has really excelled this time, following on from the pathetically desperate statement that “Fighting Climate Change Deniers Is Like Fighting Hitler”, Huhne has now ordered an inquiry into the Tory MEPs in the European Parliament.

Huhne is still smarting from the major defeat EU Climate Religion suffered on July 5th 2011 when the EU voted against the economic suicide pact proposed by Huhne and Hedegaard.

Within hours an embarrassingly bad damage limitation program was in place, and now Huhne a member of a different political party is now ordering an inquiry in to which fossil fuel lobbyists “got to” the Tory MEPs, even for Huhne this is a new high water mark of hypocrisy, the Chris Huhne who when asked to jump by NGOs like WWF, Friends of The Earth and Greenpeace meekly asks “How High?“: Read the rest of this entry