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Greenpeace In Russia: The Criminal Charges Pile Up For The Arctic 30

Excellent video from CBC News showing the detention at gun point of the Greenpeace activists in their Zodiacs while the Russian Coast Guard ship pursues the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, and then opens fire with several warning shots.

Right up to the point where the Russians open fire, Greenpeace really do not have any comprehension of where this is going, or just how much brown smelly stuff they are just about to step into.

In another video clip shot er sorry, filmed, on the bridge of the Arctic Sunrise the Captain of the Russian Coastguard ship can be clearly heard saying “if you do not stop your vessel we will use weapons“.

The response from Greenpeace is typically smug and very naive, because Greenpeace have a monopoly on deciding what is politically correct for Gaia, and more importantly how we should all live our lives.

Greenpeace:”We are here in order to make the world a better place and in response you are threatening to open fire on our ship“.

In reply the Russian Coastguard fires warning shots, the Arctic Sunrise finally stops, the Russians board the ship and tow it to Murmansk where all 30 people on board are charged with piracy. Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Trys To Bolster Support For Greenpeace Pirates And Fails

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. Then Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army's Forlone Hope.

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. The Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army’s Forlorn Hope.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Greenpeace pirates story is the deafening silence from the embassy’s of the foreign nationals currently under arrest in Murmansk. Apart from some muted comments from the Dutch about the Arctic Sunrise being a Dutch registered vessel and a faint mumbling from the Finns about one of their nationals, nobody seems bothered about a bunch of Green activists being in prison.

This must have come as a surprise to Greenpeace who are used to Politicians in the West hanging on their every word and being terrified of upsetting Greenpeace on its self appointed mission to destroy industrialized society.

So when Greenpeace director John Sauven wrote this piece in The Guardian in today they would have been expecting unwavering support from the Green Guardianistas who would of course be suitably outraged that these people were arrested for following their conscience, one of the most noble Liberal acts anyone can do, and which, should of course, make you immune from any sort of punishment. Read the rest of this entry

Today’s Scores From The Arctic – Russian Coastguard 2 Greenpeace 0

Greenpeace return for round 2 with the Russian Coast Guard, now shots have been fired and Gaia's disciples held at gunpoint.

Greenpeace return for round 2 with the Russian Coast Guard, now shots have been fired and Gaia’s disciples arrested and held at gunpoint.

About a month ago Greenpeace went head to head with the Russian Coastguard, after being refused a permit to enter Russia’s Northern Sea Route, Greenpeace went anyway.

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise was boarded by 4 Russian Coast Guard officers who subjected the ship and its crew to a lengthy inspection, during the course of which the Captain of the Coast Guard ship told the Arctic Sunrise to leave the area immediately or strict measures would be used. For strict measures read the threat to open fire on the Greenpeace ship with real live ammunition, starting with a shot across the bows and if that didn’t work then incoming would be the order of the day.

The Arctic Sunrise slunk away, Green tail between its legs only to reappear today in the Pechora Sea off the northern coast of Russia with the intent of boarding the Prirazlomnaya rig, in a repeat of last years occupation protesting about drilling for oil in the Arctic. Read the rest of this entry