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Gadaffi Fall – Saif al-Islam And The European Environmentalists

Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority set up by Saif al-Islam to deceive european environmentalists

Saif al-Islam now wanted for war crimes, was the acceptable face of the Gadaffi regime regarded more as an international playboy than the son of a despotic psychopath, Saif was welcome everywhere he went by people such as Lord Peter Mandelson who was then a Labour Cabinet Minister, Labour peer Lord Nathaniel Rothschild; Saif claims that former Prime Minister Tony Blair is a personal friend.

The whole acceptable face of the tyrant was one giant con that sucked many people into it, there are more than few public figures who are going to have some explaining to do in the near future.

At the time Saif conceived the idea of the Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority Climate Religion and hysteria were at their peak, and Saif knew how easy it would be to con the ecomentalists desperate to appease the giant CO2 wolf that Al Gore had terrified them with: Read the rest of this entry