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The World Needs To Prepare For A Climate Skeptic In The White House

Obama's brief window for wealth redistribution has closed

Oh boy the warming alarmists are in a state of fear about next year’s US Presidential elections, the odour of coffee is overwhelming as the global left awake to the realisation that their icon, Barack Hussein Obama is looking increasingly likely to be a single term President.

The global decline in believers in Climate Religion has been seized on by the warming alarmists as an opportunity to make man made climate change a left wing liberal cause celebre, something noble, lofty and intellectual that evil selfish right wingers deny.

The level of panic felt by the left can normally be determined by who they wheel out as the bogey men, in this case Sarah Palin and The Tea Party are the evil spectres that haunt the warming alarmists, and when they wheel out Palin and The Tea Party folks, the liberal  left are running scared: Read the rest of this entry

Sarah Palin Presidential Candidate Not Kingmaker

Sarah Palin on being a kingmaker - "That's going too far because I do not have that power nor desire"

Sarah Palin is an emotive figure in US politics, hated by the liberal left who never miss an opportunity to smear and create lies about her and her family, adored by many other Americans, Palin is alternatively tipped as the next President or the kingmaker of the next President.

There is a lot of interest in Sarah Palin in Britain, so with the help of @theRealExTex and the links she chose here are some newspaper stories and blog posts: Read the rest of this entry

David Letterman Calls Sarah Palin A Slut

The Liberal media purveyors of Political Correctness and moral judges of what is it acceptable to say, and what is not acceptable say. This normally translates in to say anything you want about a right wing person, but, and this is a very big but, say anything against a Liberal Left person and you are immediately guilty of a range adjectives ending in “ist”.

As with any left wing agenda, be it AGW, Political Correctness, immigration et al, there is always rank and blatant hypocrisy from those that seek to convince us they know better.

The left has long championed the cause of women to be treated as equals and not pieces of meat, yet  the very first to indulge in sexually demeaning and degrading slurs on female politicians are the very same left, that claim to champion their cause. Read the rest of this entry

Why Does The Left Hate Nadine Dorries So Much

Sarah Palin and Nadine Dorries targets for vicious Labtards

When Nadine Dorries announced on Twitter that she was appearing on BBC Question time tonight there was an immediate out pouring of what can only be described as pure unadulterated vitriol, in short its just plain nasty.

These sorts of attacks on right wing female politicians, bloggers and tweeters are all too common place, Aardvark has direct knowledge of personal sexual slurs being made against people he knows, not to mention the blue anteater who would like to set the record straight: Aardvarks don’t mate with ovine quadrupeds. Google ovine quadruped Labtard.

The picture Aardvark used to originally illustrate this point comes from a particular nasty blog that compares the ten things that Nadine and Sarah Palin have in common, dont expect a link by the way.

This picture has been removed by Aardvark because the author is complaining that picture was used without his permission despite the normal internet convention of having the authors url clearly visible on the picture, so it has been removed.

The first point this hate monger makes is “they both a have a womb and want to tell other people what to with theirs”, you can see where this is going.

The very first blog post Aardvark did on this blog was entitled “Smeargate – Labours Finest HourRead the rest of this entry

Obama But What Does The Tea Party Really Have?

Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Sensible Advice From Sarah Palin

Former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has some sensible advice for Obama on her Facebook Page about the Copenhagen summit.

The president’s decision to attend the international climate conference in Copenhagen needs to be reconsidered in light of the unfolding Climategate scandal. The leaked e-mails involved in Climategate expose the unscientific behavior of leading climate scientists who deliberately destroyed records to block information requests, manipulated data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures, and conspired to silence the critics of man-made global warming. I support Senator James Inhofe’s call for a full investigation into this scandal. Because it involves many of the same personalities and entities behind the Copenhagen conference, Climategate calls into question many of the proposals being pushed there, including anything that would lead to a cap and tax plan.

Policy should be based on sound science, not snake oil. I took a stand against such snake oil science when I sued the federal government over its decision to list the polar bear as an endangered species despite the fact that the polar bear population has increased. I’ve never denied the reality of climate change; in fact, I was the first governor to create a subcabinet position to deal specifically with the issue. I saw the impact of changing weather patterns firsthand while serving as governor of our only Arctic state. But while we recognize the effects of changing water levels, erosion patterns, and glacial ice melt, we cannot primarily blame man’s activities for the earth’s cyclical weather changes. The drastic economic measures being pushed by dogmatic environmentalists won’t change the weather, but will dramatically change our economy for the worse.

Policy decisions require real science and real solutions, not junk science and doomsday scare tactics pushed by an environmental priesthood that capitalizes on the public’s worry and makes them feel that owning an SUV is a “sin” against the planet. In his inaugural address, President Obama declared his intention to “restore science to its rightful place.” Boycotting Copenhagen while this scandal is thoroughly investigated would send a strong message that the United States government will not be a party to fraudulent scientific practices. Saying no to Copenhagen and cap and tax are first steps in “restoring science to its rightful place.”

The traditional left of centre Mainstream Media dont like Sarah Palin as was seen during the 2008 US Presidential campaign where every attempt was made to smear her, her family and her record as Governor of Alaska.

Unfortunately for the US Media Sarah Palin is a folk hero to large swathes of middle American and has the potential to be the next Ronald Regan, her comments on Climategate are considered, well balanced and reasonable.

There are many questions to be answered about the Climate Change data, the methodology the scientists used; enough questions that would make any sensible well balanced person step back and re-evaluate the data and the conclusions.

It seems to be mainly in Europe where there is this evangelical crusade to steam roller through a treaty based on fraudulent data led by Gordon Brown and the EUSSR who now own this country after the sell out of no referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

The big question remains why do they want an agreement based on discredited data at any price?

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