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Climategate – Massachusetts Voters Tel Obama NO

One of the most important elections in recent US history took place in Massachusetts yesterday, though you would never have know it as the global left of centre MSM still promote Barack Hussein Obama as the shining light of liberal idealism. Be it the Nobel Peace Prize for just being Obama or saving the world from a giant mutant star goat at Copenhagen King Hussein can do no wrong, unless of course you are an American citizen suffering the onslaught against your freedoms and finances. Just like Gordon Brown in the UK, Obama is wrecking similar damage upon American Society for the same socialist/liberal/Democrat/Labour “values” that Global Socialism loves so much. Obama like Brown is a profligate spender of money his country does not have. After sweeping into power on the crest of a wave the only way for Obama was down, and down has been Obama’s direction in the polls ever since, now he has achieved the lowest approval rating for any US president ever. Read the rest of this entry