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Britain’s Climate Change Fool – Wrong Again On Shale Gas

Ed Davey Britain's Climate Change Fool has been proved wrong, yet again this time by a report commissioned by him.

Ed Davey Britain’s Climate Change Fool has been proved wrong, yet again this time by a report he commissioned.

Ed Davey Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Climate Change Fool has been proved wrong again, as  an event this is wholly unremarkable given the frequency of Davey being wrong, but what makes this particular faux pas so amusing is that Davey commissioned the report, himself.

Shale Gas and fracking has always terrified the warmists and Greens, a cheap, reliable and affordable energy source that creates real lasting jobs, generates real revenue and wealth, unlike Green renewable energy which creates short term installation jobs and cannot exist without the oxygen of tax payer funded Green subsidies.

From the moment that Shale Gas was mentioned for Britain, the Greens started a campaign of hysteria and lies to try and stop fracking from ever starting. The campaign against fracking was initially led by then Liberal Democrat Climate Change Secretary, and now convicted criminal Chris Huhne who announced that Shale Gas would not happen because of the sacred Carbon Targets. When this failed to stop fracking Read the rest of this entry

Shale Gas – Britain’s Government Undoing The Lies Of Chris Huhne

Britain's Coalition Government is to launch a campaign to undo the lies of the former Climate Change minister Chris Huhne.

Britain’s Coalition Government is to launch a campaign to undo the lies of the former Climate Change minister Chris Huhne.

The sheer farce of Britain’s Coalition Vichy Government has never been more clearly demonstrated than by this story.

If only David Cameron had cojones 10% of the size of Maggie Thatcher’s then Britain would not have this sorry sham of a Government, Cameron should have formed a minority government and got on with the job, instead the Green lobotomized heir to Tony Blair formed a coalition with Little Nicky Clegg and his Liberal Democrats. A Coalition that is at odds with itself, instead of a unified approach to all policies from both parties, certain policies are run exclusively by the Conservatives, others by the Liberal Democrats, which gives little impression of cohesion, and can have disastrous consequences for the country, a case in point being Climate and Energy Policy.

When the Coalition was formed Liberal Democrat Green ideologue and soon to be convicted criminal Chris Huhne was appointed to run the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Read the rest of this entry

The Great Climate Change Scam – The Decline In A Month Is Incredible

Our children will not know what a wind turbine was

Our children will not know what a wind turbine was

Having had a month off blogging and really taking no  interest, in the news or the warming alarmists due to being very busy relocating, the decline of the AGW scam is quite amazing, when you read loads of new stories everyday you tend not to particularly notice the gradual decline, until some major event like Climategate or another UNFCC COP failure happens.

The old saying goes that a week in politics is a long time, well a month in the Anthropogenic Global Warming industry equates to several years of decline, as the move away from Green foolishness and stupidity accelerates in the last bastion of the Church of Climatology, Europe.

David Cameron and his “Greenest Government Ever” in Britain are being told to listen to Climate Change Skeptics, by none other than George Eustice MP, Dave’s very own Climate Change Adviser:

He said: “I am personally persuaded that there is a link between carbon emissions and climate change but it is essential that all perspectives in this argument are heard.

“I don’t like the way that legitimate, yet contrarian scientific opinion on the issue has been rubbished or ridiculed. Sometimes those who believe in climate change have foolishly undermined their own case.”

Eustice is like all the politicians, still hedging their political bets by saying they are personally persuaded in the existence of the big bad CO2 wolf that is so often summoned, yet never comes, while preparing to advise the British Government to implement policies that go directly against their personal persuasions, Read the rest of this entry

Green Defeat – Germany Votes To Keep On Fracking

Fracking? Ja bitte

Fracking? Ja bitte

The inexorable march of shale gas in europe continues, no sooner has Britain given the green light for fracking so the German Parliament has voted by 309 against 259 to continue fracking.

Continue fracking?

But isn’t fracking according to the Greens a new and barely tried technology?

Germany has been fracking since the 1960s, without any of the often predicted Green disasters happening, after 50 years fracking is hardly an emergent technology.

Following the usual global pattern the Green Party and the Left Party tried to ban fracking in Germany: Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron – “Britain Must Be At The Heart Of Shale Gas Revolution”

British Prime Minster David Cameron “We should take part in fracking because this might be a revolution and if we ignored it completely we could be giving our economy much higher energy prices than would otherwise be necessary.”

British Prime Minster David Cameron “We should take part in fracking because this might be a revolution and if we ignored it completely we could be giving our economy much higher energy prices than would otherwise be necessary.”

Finally David Cameron has broken his silence on Climate Change, after a chequered history involving bothering huskies and putting a bijou bird chopper on his roof, Dave has finally woken up to the economic political reality of the Green dream, it is totally unaffordable.

More importantly though, because Dave is a politician, high energy prices do not win votes or create jobs, which also win votes, once being Green was sort of a vote winner now as COP18 has demonstrated the whole AGW boondoggle is dead, and politicians have a severe aversion to hanging around dead political agendas.

The economic benefits of the shale gas revolution in the USA are well known, only in Europe have the Greens managed to delay fracking because it is not politically correct and approved Green tokenism: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Day 3 And The Host Country For COP19 Will Be Poland

Warsaw the capital city of Poland and venue for COP19

Life is full of surprises, like holding a UNFCCC COP meeting in Qatar, one of the worlds largest natural gas producers and as far as the Greens and ecomentalists are concerned, a country with an ambiguous position on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The environmental circus in Doha is full of mistrust and suspicion of the COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah who is a supporter of the evil Shale Gas, so the choice of Poland for next Conference of the Parties (COP) 19 is quite frankly bizarre.

Poland’s position on Climate Change is most definitely not ambiguous, Poland has consistently blocked further attempts by the EU and Connie Hedegaard to implement their Green Dream: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Day 2 The Elephant In The Room Is Shale Gas

COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah’s statement that Shale Gas was good for the world is hanging over COP18 causing tension, mistrust and suspicion.

There is one giant fracking elephant in the COP18 room, Shale Gas, and the statement by the COP18 President earlier this month that Shale Gas was good for the world.

The first day of COP18 ended with a climate of parnoia, mistrust and suspicion, Day 2 is seeing the mistrust of the host nation continuing to grow.

The problem is that no one seems to know where the Qataris actually stand on the de-carbonisation aims of the conference, Qatar is a massive producer of natural gas, their deputy Prime Minster Al-Attiyah is an enthusiastic supporter of Shale Gas and President of COP18, but their satellite news channel Al Jazeera has been pumping out Al Gore style Climate Reality fear stories in the run up to COP18. Read the rest of this entry

COP18 President – Shale Gas Is Good News For The World

Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah is deputy prime minister of Qatar and President of UN COP18 being held in Doha. The COP18 president thinks that fracking and shale gas is a good thing because it will bring energy security for 300 years.

One thing that nobody ever expected to hear from a president of a UN Climate Circus meeting is that shale gas is a good thing for the world.

Climate Religion has finally had its Martin Luther moment, sacrilege is being preached from the pulpit of the Church of Climatology.

Attendance at COP18 is likely to be even lower than last years dismal attendance for COP17, as witnessed by the removal of the visa applications counter from the COP18 website.

Al-Attiyah’s statement about shale gas is not the meme the warming alarmists expect from a UN Climate Circus Ring Master: Read the rest of this entry

Green Company Joins The Dash For Gas

A Green company is working side by side with Caudrilla in the Dash for Gas

This is an interesting story given the normal Green hysteria and total opposition to fracking and shale gas, a Green company that is working side by side with Caudrilla on fracking.

In the US fracking and shale gas have created an energy boom, electricity prices are typically 75% less than in Europe, hundreds of thousands of real lasting jobs have been created and the whole industry has been funded by private venture capital with not $1 dollar of taxpayer funded Green subsidy.

The minimal cost of shale gas has terrified the Greens, their beloved wind and solar cannot compete on cost and are only kept alive by taxpayer funded Green subsidies, when the subsidy is cut or reduced then the renewables industry immediately goes in to a downturn, because their industry is not real, it is propped up by Governments enforcing taxation on energy bill payers. Read the rest of this entry

Friends Of The Earth – Britain Must Not Have Shale Gas

The appointment of Owen Paterson as Environment Secretary last week caused significant upset and turmoil in watermelon world.

Paterson has spoken out in the past about ending subsidies for the Green renewable energy boondoggle and fast tracking shale gas, which according to Monbiot is a declaration of war on the environment.

Now Friends of the Earth, RSPB and the WWF have joined the wailing and gnashing of Green teeth: Read the rest of this entry