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Labour Leaders Backtrack On Cleaning Up Politics Promise

By Tory Aardvark

“But our democracy has been discredited by the scandals of recent weeks — revelations that have made me furious because it seems some people have been serving themselves and not the public.”
“So I’m determined to do whatever it takes to clean up politics.”

so said Gordon Brown at the end of May this year.

When Sir Thomas Legg’s report was published the wailing and moaning started; Brown himself was caught out with over claimed expenses of more than £12,000.


Another U turn this time on cleaning up Parliament

If the Legg Report caused a rapid U turn on repentance by the MP’s, then Sir Christopher Kelly’s report Read the rest of this entry

MP’s Wont Give Up Their Expenses With Out A Fight

By Tory Aardvark

First Sir Thomas Legg, now Sir Christopher Kelly and our elected representatives are up in arms about their expenses again. Any superficial contrition about the shameful grasping way they ran their expenses system is long gone as they show their true colours when any reform of the system is attempted.

Party leaders are desperate to stop the report by the chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life from reaching the floor of the House of Commons in case it is voted down. They have agreed with the main proposals and will leave it to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to implement, with the changes coming in after the general election.

MP’s are unhappy about the way the voting public perceive them, yet every time they are given a chance to clean their act up they fail miserably to do so.

Shame there is not an Olympic event for foot shooting as we have a pool of 642 potential Gold Medallists for  the event.