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There Is No Link Between Rising Temperatures And Increased Rainfall

Graphs show Total Precipitation (TP), Wet Days (WD) and Precipitation Intensity (Pi)  for the Trentino-South Tyrol region of the European Alps

Graphs show Total Precipitation (TP), Wet Days (WD) and Precipitation Intensity (Pi) for the Trentino-South Tyrol region of the European Alps

Anyone who lives in, or has visited Britain in the last 6 months will be aware that it has rained here a lot, the 40 days and nights of biblical misery does not even come close to the amount of rain that has fallen on the country.

No doubt about it, 2012 was one of the wettest years ever recorded, another potentially doom laden record that has naturally been grabbed by the doomsayers of Climate Change religion as irrefutable proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Viewers of Sky News last night were treated to a warmist scientist pontificating about the endless rain being caused by Climate Change and rising temperatures, while conveniently ignoring the fact that even the UK Met Office has acknowledged, global temperatures have remained static for the last 16 years: Read the rest of this entry

Sky Pulls The Plug On Their Discussion Boards

Sky News Web Site Announces that “Sky have closed their discussion boards

Aardvark is taking a moment to wipe a nostalgic tear from his eye with the news that Sky’s discussion forums for wannabe jihadis, labtards, climatetards and trolls is no more.

It was the never ending censorship of any political posts that criticised Gordon Brown that caused this blog to come about, for a while it was possible to have a sensible discussion but as Gordon Browns ratings crashed the Labtard trolls pushed the party propganda sound byte by tortouous sound byte. The automated complaints system effectively allowed posters of different political beliefs to censor posts by simply complaining about them.

There was one Labour troll that pretended to have a son serving in the army, this “virtual” son approved of everything Gordon Brown did for to our armed forces, Read the rest of this entry

Latest Conservative Poster Upsets Labour Luvvies At Sky News

The latest Conservative campaign poster has upset the Labour luvvies at Sky News.

When Adam Boulton got married, the guest list read like a who’s who of the New Labour elite, so it’s no big surprise to find like minded Labour propaganda being spouted by Boulton’s team, in this case Miranda Richardson:

Gone is the controversially smooth forehead of the Tory leader and in its place a wilting Labour rose and a tombstone.

CCHQ must be hoping this latest offering will put an end to the ridicule of their last poster, but at Boulton & Co towers, we’re unsure they’ll succeed.

With the BBC we have no choice we have to fund their left wing pro Labour propaganda by law, but with Sky we have a choice to pay or not to pay.

This sort of pro Labour reporting extends on to Sky’s so called discussion forums where anything anti Gordon Brown, Labour or Climate Change is immediately deleted by the censors.

Climategate – Copenhagen Fails What To Expect From Mainstream TV Stations

The Anthropogenic Global Warming and one world government movement have taken a knock from Climategate and Copenhagen that they are unlikely to bounce back from. There will be attempts in Germany and Mexico to fan the flames of wealth redistribution and global socialism backed up by coordinated propaganda as Brown and Milliband attempt to convince the largely unbelieving population that the planet is getting warmer.

At the spearhead of the propaganda onslaught will be the BBC brainwashed and trusting in Mann and the IPCC , Channel 4 spreading the message of guilt about the industrial revolution; the same evil guilt ridden industrial revolution’s wealth they are so desperate to give away and then there is Sky.

Sky whose discussion boards are so censored that any post being critical of Gordon Brown has a half-life shorter than a meson, any post discussing Climategate lasts even less time and the willing way they followed Gordon Brown’s news blackout on Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General would have brought a smile to Robert Mugabe’s face.

Latest Sky weather person to join the Church of Climatology is Francis Wilson, who through out 2010 will be giving figures on greenhouse gas emissions with the weather forecast.

Expect the usual climate of fear and terror as the meaningless figures are hyped up and a largely bemused audience is left wondering why the AGW lie is still being peddled.

The majority of people in the UK don’t believe, just as they don’t belive in the USA, Australia, Canada, EU and countless other nations, the developing world believes in AGW because they are being offered billions of dollars to believe. The supporters of global socialist government wont give up without a fight, as the climate lie drops off the radar it will be guilt that they use as the next weapon to achieve their dream.

Finally the snow on the blog is not festive, it’s ironic; a difficult concept for any socialist eco fascist but it amuses the hell out of Aardvark.

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Gordon Brown on Sky

By Tory Aardvark

Check Kay’s expression at the end. Yet another outstanding media triumph for the Prime Mentalist.

Just image how a televised leaders debate would be, lets hope he does not bottle the leaders debate