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Green Fringe Minority Stage Climate Week 2013

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

It is Climate Week in Britain where 500000 people will attend 3000 events in support of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, or to put it more accurately the public support for action on controlling the climate committing economic suicide is so overwhelming each event attracts an average of just 166 people.

The mission of Climate Week is the usual mix of Green renewable energy can meet all of Britain’s energy needs, and if we lead the way with Green gesture politics then the rest of the world, who to date have walked away from this idea, will suddenly get a massive change of heart and follow our example.

One of the objectives of Climate Week is to reinstate an ambitious, for that read economically disastrous, power sector decarbonisation target for 2030 that some how vanished at the end of 2012, the re-introduction of this target is being actively supported by the Head of the Climate Change Committee crony capitalist and rent seeker Tim Yeo and Labour MP Barry Gardiner. Read the rest of this entry

Germany Subsidizes China To Destroy The German Solar Industry

German Solar industry going downhill from crisis to crisis

You could not make it up” is one of those done to death clichés popular with bloggers and journalists alike, yet clichés aside, the latest instalment in the demise of the German Solar industry really does earn the “You could not make it up” cliché.

Imagine if you taxed your industry with a CO2 emissions tax and then used the money raised to start the solar industry in a competing country that will always be able to undercut your own in price and always beat your own country in volume production.

Well Germany did just that thanks to the usual stupid unthought through policies of the Greens,  it is bad enough for Germany that the solar industry has proved to be a €100 billion money pit, but it defies belief to fund the competition who will ultimately put you out of business.

Solar has been a very expensive mistake for  Germany, in Britain solar has so far wasted £7 billion, and it just keeps getting worse day by day for German solar: Read the rest of this entry

Solar – Germany’s €100 Billion Money Pit

German solar farms and homeowners with solar panels received €8 billion ($10.2 billion) in subsidies in 2011 and generated just 3% of Germany’s energy needs

The solar industry is in global decline and nowhere more so than Germany where in the closing days of 2011 Solon, who were Germany’s first photovoltaic producer have filed for insolvency with debts of 275 million euros.

BP has pulled out of solar, in the US Solyndra went bankrupt and there are 11 further renewables companies in the US, all going the same was as Solyndra, down the tubes.

As governments across the world cut the Green taxes that allowed these uneconomic industries like wind and solar to survive, so renewables have died. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Power Joins Solar Power In Death Spiral

Wind Power now declining as fast as solar power

2009 was the peak year for investments in the Green failure that is renewables, since then there has been a slow but steady decline as populations across the developed world woke up to costs of the Green taxation and crony capitalism that funded the short lived renewables boom.

Since the third successive failure of the UN Climate Synod in November 2011 the rate of decline in the renewables industry has accelerated to the  point where bankruptcies of companies and cutbacks in investment have become an almost daily event.

In Germany the solar industry is all but dead, in Britain the cut in Green taxation for solar power is causing the smart money to get the hell out and in the USA the same trend is happening as other companies follow the pattern set by Solyndra and go bust.

Now Vestas the biggest producer of wind turbines has seen its stock fall 19% after the company downgraded it’s revenue and profit forecast for the second time in 2 months. Read the rest of this entry

Solar Power – Almost Extinct

The Sun sets on the Solar Power industry

The Solar Power industry is in accelerating decline as governments cut the subsidies that permit the economically unviable renewables industry to exist.

The Renewables Industry much like the British State Industries of old, cannot function without the blank cheque of the tax payer to keep them afloat.

The Government has decided to cut the ludicrous feed in tariff rate for solar power and has been challenged in Court by Friends of the Earth and 2 solar power companies: Read the rest of this entry

Wind And Solar Power Will Cause An Energy Crisis By 2015

Renewable energy sources have been deemed inadequate

A new report produced jointly by the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) and Scientific Alliance warns of the dangers for secure and reliable power supplies if the government continues the folly of believing that renewables work, and that renewables are not economically viable without the never ending huge Green taxation and subsidies.

The technologies of wind and solar power simply do not work: Read the rest of this entry

Wind And Solar Power Industries In Global Decline

Renewables in Global Decline: In Holland, the EU renewable energy target has been abandoned, saving the country billions of euros in subsidies

News yesterday that Google was completely abandoning its Green Energy program was yet another coffin nail in the global renewables industry which has universally failed to deliver reliable and affordable energy and no lasting Green jobs.

All around the world renewable energy projects are being abandoned as costs rise and voters get wise to just how much this so called Green Revolution is costing, not only in hard cash but also the jobs that pointless and futile emissions legislation are  causing to be lost as companies relocate to more favourable locations.

The whole concept of ludicrous Green subsidies and taxes is nothing but a net drain on the economy and people struggling to pay ever rising energy bills, as in addition to the costs of Green taxation there has to be 100% backup from fossil fuel or nuclear power stations for they days when there is no wind, or the wind is too fast or the bird choppers are frozen solid, then of course during cold spells wind turbines consume more energy than they produce: Read the rest of this entry

UK Renewables Industry What Happend To Venture Capitalism?

Green industries seem to believe the tax payer should fund their all their Research and Development and then pay rip off prices for their energy

Once upon a time in Britain there was something know as venture capitalism, where private companies and individuals risked their own money to make a profit, then along slithered Climate Religion and venture capitalism was replaced by crony capitalism and tax payer subsidies.

Universally recognised as economically unviable without huge tax payer subsidies, the renewables industry has been onto a good thing, the same bottomless purse of the tax payers money that underwrites the wasteful spending of Government Departments, is via ever increasing energy bills propping up an industry that has no real commercial future.

The Government announced an end to the “Morally wrong” renewables subsidies, now the Solar Energy scam companies are using the tax payer subsidies to initiate legal action against the government in an effort to keep their Climate Religion Junk Science funded gravy train on the tracks: Read the rest of this entry