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UK Solar Subsidies To Be Cut Again

The Feedin Tariff for the solar energy is to be cut again in August, payments will now be over 20 years not 25 years

The morally wrong solar subsidies are to be cut again in August which is good news, the bad news is just like the last time they tried to cut the solar subsidies, the Coalition government have managed to screw this cut up, as well.

This time the government missed the legal deadline to make the changes effective from July 1st: Read the rest of this entry

The Sun Continues To Set On Solar Power

BP backs off from solar after having turned its back on Carbon Capture and Storage

Another nail in the coffin of the Green Dream hit home today with the news that BP is pulling the plug on its solar operations.

The statement from BP is no big surprise, the German solar industry is as near as makes no difference bankrupt, the Solyndra scandal in the US is typical of the global failure of the solar power business and many governments have cut the Green taxes that allow the renewables industry to exist.

BP has been quietly shedding renewables jobs and closing facilities: Read the rest of this entry

Europe Calls Time On Expensive Green Energy

An abandoned Wind Farm in Hawaii, the future for renewables across the world

The truth about the extremely high costs of Green Renewable energy is out, as is the truth that there will never be lasting viable Green jobs and now the Renewables industry is in meltdown.

Britain is cutting the morally wrong Green tax called a Feedin Tariff from December 12th 2011 for solar installations and now other countries are following suit.

Spain was the first economy in Europe to jump on the Green Renewables farce and quickly found that every Green job created cost 2.2 jobs in existing profitable businesses, now it is looking likely that Spain is about to abandon the insanity of prohibitively expensive Green energy Read the rest of this entry

British Climate Minister – “Solar Energy Subsidies Are Morally Wrong”

Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas "Solar has been too successful – that's why tariffs were cut"

The Greenest Government ever has recently slashed the tax subsidies that are paid to the solar industry, in the face of an increasing outcry from tax payers about the spiralling costs of electricity and gas in Britain.

Within seconds of the news breaking, the Green Harpie and Leader of the Green Watermelon Marxists Party, Caroline Lucas was aflame with righteous indignation that the ludicrous subsidies paid to those that can afford solar panel installations are to be significantly reduced. Read the rest of this entry