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Solar Panels Are Full Of Carcinogens

Solar Panel manufacture like wind turbines produces large amounts of heavy metal pollution

Solar Panel manufacture like wind turbines produces large amounts of heavy metal pollution

Wind and Solar, the flagship renewable energy icons of the warming alarmists, crony capitalists and rent seekers sold, as solving all the worlds energy needs in a clean Green way.

Renewables are neither clean nor Green, the use of heavy metals in their manufacture make this another Green lie, the wind turbine lie was hidden half a world a way in China, where the town of Batou is surrounded by a huge lagoon of toxic chemicals from the manufacture of magnets for wind turbines.

The truth about the use of cadmium and other toxic chemicals in the  manufacture of solar panels has now floated to the surface in the that most carcinogen obsessed of countries, the United States.

In the wake of yet another Obama funded clean-tech disaster like Solyndra a solar panel manufacturer in Colorado has gone  bankrupt: Read the rest of this entry

Talking About Climate Change Is Political Suicide

The National Democrat Convention 2012, Obama is hoping for a second term to totally destroy America and further the cause of crony capitalism

The Democrats are holding their national convention in Charlotte, NC and working hard to get Barack Obama elected for a second term as US President.

Back in 2008 Obama’s Green credentials were impeccable, a man for whom the science” of climate change was forever settled, Obama was perceived by the watermelons as the man who would help force their Green agenda on the world.

As the race for the Presidency hots up you would expect Big Green policies and fear stories to be a big part of the whole shebang, yet, as a reporter for ecomentalist NGO Grist has  found out, Climate Change is most definitely not on the agenda for Obama: Read the rest of this entry