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Greenpeace’s Santa Has A Splattergate Moment

Tis the season to be jolly unless of course you are a joyless Green climate zealot in which case tis the season to try to frighten children.

This latest video from Greenpeace has Downton Abbey actor Jim Carter (the butler) doing an impression of Saddam Hussein dressed as Santa broadcasting from a bunker during an air raid.

“Dear children, regrettably I bring bad tidings,” the Greenpeace “Santa” says, speaking from what looks like a stark, dimly lit bunker. “For some time now, melting ice here at the North Pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible, and there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas.

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Goregasm – 24 Hours Of The Reality Of Al Gore

Hi I'm Al Gore Thw Climate Messiah welcome to my reality

Al Gore is back and trying to reignite the flames of junk science by introducing the world to his own personal reality via the Climate Reality Project.

Apart from spreading more fear via junk science, good quality artwork masquerading as scientific data, the real agenda of the Gore and his friends is  suppression of dissent for the settled science; Al will be naming deniers of his personal reality.

Remember Splattergate from October 2010,  where the true mindset of these ManBearPig worshippers accidentally slipped out in a short film: Read the rest of this entry

2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 9 October

September saw a serious change in tactics by the warming alarmists, with a call to eco terrorism and a tragic event where an armed eco terrorist was shot dead by a SWAT sniper.

Other news included a new name for Global whatever it is, and pre-bookings for Cancun were down 83% since Copenhagen.

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10:10 And The Splattergate Backlash Gets Serious

An excellent clip on the American reaction to the 10:10 lets blow up the kids movie, Sony are distancing themselves from the climate lunatics at 10:10, have walked.

In Australia, the always excellent Jo Nova in her latest blog has this to say “If 10:10 made the shocking kill-your-kids movie as a publicity stunt, things are going horribly wrong. This viral campaign is turning into rabies-meets-ebola (pace Dellers).Read the rest of this entry

The Fallout For 10:10 From Splattergate

The fallout for 10:10 and their exploding kids movie is dramatic to say the least with various sponsors/supporters of 10:10 distancing themselves from the organisation faster than a speeding bullet.

Like the old saying goes “many a true word is spoken in jest” and Richard Curtis’s film for the warming alarmists really showed what these eco-mentalists and eco-terrorists are all about; and now Sony have chosen to disassociate themselves from 10:00 Read the rest of this entry