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A Bigot Is Forcibly Removed From Gordon Brown Speech In Sunderland

A Bigot is forcibly removed while Gordon Brown speaks in Sunderland

Gillian Duffy and Bigotgate have probably cured Gordon Brown of any desire to have any form of real contact with public, so today at a specially organised rally of the dwindling band of party faithful Brown was expecting a serious dose of adulation from the lobotomized audience, not the presence of another bigot.

Interrupted mid procrastination by the man in the picture Brown carried on as the Stasi Labour security homed in on the bigot, where after a couple of attempts to remove him, the Labour Rock apes (apologies to all apes for the comparison) then pinned his arms behind his back and frog marched him from the room.

Dear Leader was then able to reply to prepared questions from Party faithful, safe from real people and voters, so he can continue to dwell in his own deluded nirvana for another 5 days.

Lucky for Gillian Duffy she was in an open space, or she too could have received the same violent removal that 82 year old Mr Walter Wolfgang did from the 2005 Labour Party conference.

All in all another day of bad press for Gordon Brown and Labour.

The Wonder Of Labour’s Election Campaign

The General Election campaign being run by Labour is surreal to say the very least.

The only people Brown meets are small groups carrying pro Labour placards, also known as Labour activists. A rapidly dwindling species due to Anthropogenic Labour Hatred, a single Labour activist should be preserved by David Attenborough as a warning to future generations as to what happens when the malicious lead the stupid and gain power.

When a real member of the public gets close Brown is hustled away in to his armoured global warmer Jaguar, obviously Browns car cant cause global warming like it would if you or I owned it. Remember what happened when a member of the public asked Brown about schools for his child, only the traction control prevented huge strips of rubber being laid down on the road as Brown ran away from a real person. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown A Severe Case Of Politbureau Delusion

Gordon Brown has achieved a certain notoriety for his reliance on falling back on tractor production stats whenever the going gets tough at PMQs.

The relentless droning on and on with meaningless figures are reminiscent of Soviet Bloc propaganda videos about cooperative farms, tractor production, riveters and the like.

The problem is that Brown actually believes his own propaganda and lies, as he found to his cost on Monday when he appeared before an audience of “undecided voters”. One thing, and one thing alone became crystal clear, the gulf between Brown and the people whose votes he needs, is vast and most likely cannot be bridged before a General Election.

Mr Brown’s contributions read a like a broadcast by a member of the East German politburo who seldom leaves his headquarters and who still believes the regime’s propaganda that everything is getting better and better.

On this occasion the Prime Minister travelled to Stourbridge, in the West Midlands, where Barry Weir, who is unemployed, told him the town “used to have a major glass manufacturing industry” which has “virtually completely disappeared”.

Recent figures have shown that manufacturing industry in Britain has contracted by 10% pa since 2000 Read the rest of this entry