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Rio+20 Another Epic Failure Looms

Even the most optimistic of the warming alarmists can see another UN slow motion car crash happening at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, following on from 3 spectacular COP failures in a row, Rio+20 is probably the UN and the Green environmental zealots last chance to force Agenda 21 on an unwilling world.

The people who attend these conferences claim to care about the planet, preach the Green low carbon lifestyle, and at least twice a year tens of thousands of ecowarriors generate huge amounts of the CO2 they fear so much when they get together to save the planet from people like us, enjoying the same 21st Century lifestyle as the Green zealots.

Hypocrisy has always been the very essence of Climate Religion, by their own values and stated ideals emitting this amount of CO2 is obscene and very damaging to the planet they claim to be saving for us, the Greens had a golden opportunity to practice what they preach with Ri0+20 and use modern means of communication, instead they have chosen to fly, use limos and stay in expensive air conditioned hotels.

Not very Green, or sustainable according to their preaching, but this is the environmental movement and the UN working together in tandem, so lies, corruption and hypocrisy will abound in Rio. Read the rest of this entry