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What Now For Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown appeals to Labours core vote at the General Election

This time last year Gordon Brown was everywhere, trying to force through a deal in Copenhagen to save the world from a non existent threat, leading Al Gore in to broom cupboards and busily screwing this country in to the ground in a scorched earth policy of spend, spend, spend and spend some more.

Then Gordon Brown loses the General Election as the voters showed their enthusiasm for another 5 years of bullying, bigotry and Nokia flinging, even losing the election could still not get the cursed one eyed son of the Manse out of Downing Street.

Then suddenly like a fart blown away by a sudden gust of wind, Gordon was gone, disappeared, dropped off the radar. Read the rest of this entry

West Country Likely To Suffer Terrible Disaster As Jonah Brown Arrives

The Toyota factory after Brown's visit

The West Country is bracing itself for a series of terrible disasters as Jonah Brown arrives predicting optimism about the region’s economic future.

The PM’s upbeat message comes as he stages a Cabinet meeting in Exeter, in a move seen as an attempt to bolster Labour’s support in the region.

A series of visits by senior ministers will be held across the South West, including Foreign Secretary David Miliband answering questions on Afghanistan, Justice Secretary Jack Straw meeting young offenders and Schools Secretary Ed Balls taking to pupils in Devon.

But other heavyweights like Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, Chancellor Alistair Darling and Environment Secretary Hilary Benn will not be attending.

The event was due to be staged in Exeter last month, but dramatic snowfall led to Downing Street calling it off.

Deftly switching tack to Anthropogenic Global Warming the lack of Green evangelists like Ed Miliband, former CND moon barker Joan Ruddock and Hiliary Benn from Brown’s tours seems to indicate that Labour dont think that Climate Change scams and taxes are a vote winner.