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Climate Change Scam – New Inconvenient Truths

It has been a long time since I did one of these round-ups of stories, but there are too many interesting stories to try and cover them all at the moment and also, partly as a homage to the Daily Bayonet who is taking a break after years of skewering the clueless, the weekly round-up of the AGW Hoax was always a must read.

The much abused and ignored Medieval Warming Period that Michael Mann hockey sticked into submission was not just a european event, a new report from Syracuse University in New York State has found that Antarctica heated up as well, and all without the benefit of human CO2 emissions.

Extreme weather events have the warming alarmists running around like medieval witch burners, creating imaginary trends and attaching imaginary attributes to the trends. “She turned me into a newt” or the modern version “Extreme weather events have increased very likely caused by man made climate changeRead the rest of this entry

The Secret And Dirty Life Of The Wind Turbine – Comments Chris Huhne?

A common problem for bird choppers as no gear oil exists that can cope with the pressures in the transmissions

The evidence continues to stack about the unsuitability of wind power to provide both affordable, and secure energy for Britain, evidence that Attila the Huhnatic continues to ignore.

The Dutch are moving rapidly away from wind power, while Chris Huhne continues like a racing lemming to be first over the cliff with our energy security.

More of the real truths about wind turbines are becoming known on an almost daily basis Read the rest of this entry