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Stupid Is As Stupid Does: UK Guardian – Planet’s Atmosphere Is Half-Full Of Carbon

The UK Guardian had several extra helpings of stupid before plumbing new depths of compostable journalism.

The UK Guardian had several extra helpings of stupid before plumbing new depths of Green junk journalism.

The collapse of the warming alarmist industry continues unabated with one of the last bastions of the dying Climate Fad, the EU, failing to commit economic suicide at a suitably fast pace for environmentalists and Green NGO’s.

The immediate reaction for Liberals and Greens when their aspirations are not fully met and pandered to, is outrage; the problem with outrage is that being an intense emotion it clouds judgement, thinking and writing.

This latest piece from the Head of the Environment (has anyone told Gaia?) Damian Carrington at the Guardian falls in to just that category: Read the rest of this entry


The Guardian Trys To Bolster Support For Greenpeace Pirates And Fails

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. Then Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army's Forlone Hope.

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. The Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army’s Forlorn Hope.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Greenpeace pirates story is the deafening silence from the embassy’s of the foreign nationals currently under arrest in Murmansk. Apart from some muted comments from the Dutch about the Arctic Sunrise being a Dutch registered vessel and a faint mumbling from the Finns about one of their nationals, nobody seems bothered about a bunch of Green activists being in prison.

This must have come as a surprise to Greenpeace who are used to Politicians in the West hanging on their every word and being terrified of upsetting Greenpeace on its self appointed mission to destroy industrialized society.

So when Greenpeace director John Sauven wrote this piece in The Guardian in today they would have been expecting unwavering support from the Green Guardianistas who would of course be suitably outraged that these people were arrested for following their conscience, one of the most noble Liberal acts anyone can do, and which, should of course, make you immune from any sort of punishment. Read the rest of this entry

Green Lies – The Fossil Fuel Subsidy

New interpretation of subsidy by Damian “Head of Environment” Carrington, if items that are essential to life are VAT rated at 5% then they are subsidised, especially if they are fossil fuels.

As the public knowledge about the real cost of renewable energy has grown, so too, have the attempts by the Greens to hide the real cost of their renewable energy boondoggle, which continues to take money from the poor and give it to the rich, wind turbines really are an inflation proof cash machine that pays out vast sums of money.

On February 27th this year, Damian Carrington at the Guardian claimed  to have discovered new data which showed that fossil fuels got roughly 5 times the amount of subsidy (£3.63bn) in 2010, when renewables only got £0.7bn for the same period.

One of those figures is true, the other is a complete fabrication arrived at by comparing something that has never existed, fossil fuel subsidies, with something that does, renewable energy subsidies. Read the rest of this entry

Damian Carrington Preaches To The Converted & Hopes That Sceptics Will Die Off Quicker

Damian Carrington eco propagandist at the Guardian, Head of Environment to be specific, it is not clear however if Gaia appointed Carrington or he bestowed the title upon himself.

As the great man climate change scam sinks slowly into irrelevance the warming alarmists are still trying to keep the Green Dream alive, by a number of methods varying from draconian laws to political re-eduction camps, and politically polarizing Climate Change as a Right versus Left battle.

One useful barometer of how warming alarmism is declining is to read the comments in the broadsheet propaganda outlet for Climate Religion, the Guardian, where the moderators are working overtime to remove politically incorrect comments and increasingly those concerned with real environmental issues, not the Green political agenda masquerading as environmentalism, are complaining about people like Caroline Lucas doing a disservice to the environmental movement.

In a lacklustre attempt to keep his spirits up and try to halt the decline in readers Damian Carrington preaches the usual Green lies to the converted and apart from wishing that climate sceptics would die of quicker manages to mention “fringe” 8 times and “Right Wing” 7 times: Read the rest of this entry

Warmist Lies – Decrease In Solar Activity Will Not Slow Global Warming

A Solar Filament on the Sun Image & Caption Credit: Earth-orbiting TRACE satellite, NASA

With the planet being the coldest it has been for a decade it is comforting to know that the decrease in solar activity will not stop the run away global warming caused by obscene levels of atmospheric CO2 that the Earth is experiencing.

Well that’s the story from the UK Met Office famed for its useless weather forecasting,  it has conjoined with Reading University to produce a new fear scenario all based on a single computer model’s predictions.

In November 2010 the Met Office found that the world was warming faster than they thought, so no big surprises that nothing can stop the inexorable rise of global temperatures and the Guardian are ecstatic that Armageddon is still scheduled for a vague date in the future: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Fear Stories – The Guardian Lies About Extreme Weather

New IPCC report is going to say that science doesn't know whether CO2 has an effect on most climatic observables

With COP17 Durban just 10 days away from disintegration starting,  the Climate of Fear campaign is gathering pace and this years scary fear story is Anthropogenic Global Warming causes extreme weather events, which is not the case.

Al Gore in his recent embarrassing 24 Hours of Climate Reality Goregasm attempted to link any weather event he could think of to Climate Change and was ridiculed by both sides of the Climate Change debate for his trouble.

The new IPCC report has been carefully leaked to see how the world reacts to what Jo Nova describes as “IPCC scientists testing the exit doors“, in short the IPCC now say that they are not sure that atmospheric CO2 causes Global Warming, a seismic shift from their 2007 Fourth Assessment that was totally sure that CO2 was the most evil gas, ever.

Damian Carrington at the Guardian is at it again, trying to re-spin the old lies from the IPCC 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, and use this to blatantly lie about the contents of the upcoming Fifth Assessment Report while muttering darkly about moral choices: Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmism – Even The Jehovah’s Witnesses Don’t Call Every Day

The ruins of the Church of Climatology

The shrill shrieks of fear from the warming alarmists are starting to grow fainter and sound more tired than ever, as zombie like they repeat the mantra sound bytes of Al Gore’s all but dead Climate Religion.

The Guardian, specifically Damian Carrington, is bleating about the lack of Arctic sea ice, well there is a lack of sea ice if you Carrington like, cherry pick the data; then try to smooth over Atlasgate and Glaciergate as either being mistakes, or were spotted by warming alarmist scientists anyway so there is nothing to see here.

The carefully crafted “mistake” used by  Climate Religion has long been a useful weapon in the spread of lies about man made climate change, and as always the whole thing is underpinned by the consensus lie Read the rest of this entry

Goregasm – The Guardian Breaks It’s Silence

Guardian: I logged to climatereality and, I have to say, my heart immediately sank

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Climate Reality Goregasm has largely been ignored by the main stream media in the UK, US, Australia and Germany where none of the usual suspects for pushing warming alarmist propaganda have sprung to support Gore.

Checking @climatereality timeline on Twitter shows it full of spam bot tweets from the people who have allowed Gore to Tweet from their accounts, apart from the bot Tweets they are very few real people Tweeting. The top Tweet, by Greenpeace has been retweeted just 66 times.

The Guardian have been unusually quiet on the Climate Messiah’s “reality“: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Scam – 97% Of Climate Scientists Are In Consensus, Is A Lie

77 earth scientists out of 10,257 earth scientists invited replied, so how do they get 97% consensus

The next UN Climate Religion Synod (COP17) in Durban is just 10 weeks away, and despite almost universal consensus that Climate Change talks will slide off the precipice and into oblivion, the drones of the Church of Climatology are still pumping out the sound bytes that are only believed by Climate Activists and those with power and money to gain.

Typical of the Climate Religion drones are the journalists propagandists at the Guardian who are claiming that most of the world is irrational, a lacklustre effort to spin the massive decline in belief in Climate Religion and many more stories of approaching climate Armageddon.

Underpining all of these fairy tales is the dead horse of More than 97% of active climate scientists are in consensus: Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmist LOL Saying Of The Day

Game Theory could be viable way to force Climate Religion on all of us

The cartoon represents a modified version of the prisoner’s dilemma. The best (or least bad) course of action for both parties (the man and everyone else) is to start spending again. However, no-one else follows the man’s lead, so he ends up in the street. As with the prisoner’s dilemma, both parties benefit only if they are prepared to put aside personal interest and act selflessly. Unfortunately, it tends to be every man for himself.

According to the warming alarmists at the Potsdam Institute game theory could be a way for the industrial nations to commit economic suicide at  COP17 in Durban.

The idea of using game theory is no more workable than any other, as it always comes down to self interest and the negotiators at the Climate Synod in Durban are ultimately accountable to the politicians, who in turn are accountable to their votes, and Climate Religion is in decline globally. Read the rest of this entry