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Guardian Tries To Spin Decline In Climate Religion Belief

Eco mentalists like to try and spin numbers normally by cherry picking selected numbers out of context and then interpreting them as positive to their evangelistic crusade against an inert trace gas that is essential to plant life on this planet.

Michael Mann set the precedent for warming alarmist number crunchers with his rigged program that would produce a hockey stick out of any number series, more recently a Greenpeace/IPCC report used spin to make a fantasy claim about renewable energy, so no surprises that Damian Carrington in the Guardian is trying to convince himself that globally overall, all is well for his Climate Religion: Read the rest of this entry

DDT & The Arctic – More Warming Alarmist Hysteria From The Guardian

Polar Bear picture must be Arctic Climate of Fear....again

The last week has seen the resurgence of the Climate of Fear from the Church of Climatology, fear of everything from war caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming, fear that Climate Realists are as big a threat as Hitler was, and now in this latest piece of pure distortion from the Guardian, fear that the supposedly melting polar ice is now definitely releasing banned chemicals like DDT back into the environment.

This post compares 2 different pro AGW sources on the story, when comparing the 2 it is difficult to believe that the Guardian is covering the same story: Read the rest of this entry

Armageddon In The Oceans – Just Another Green Propaganda Lie

Oceanic Armageddon according to 27 eco-warriors who spent 3 days telling each other scary fear stories and then published a report of their fears as scientific fact.

The Oceans and mankind are doomed if you believe the combined Green grey literature put out in synchronisation by Fiona Harvey at the Guardian, Richard Black at the BBC and Michael McCarthy at the Independent.

A less than transparent Green NGO called International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) has produced a report predicting a mass extinction of species comparable to the 5 that occurred in what IPSO call “pre-history”.

As usual the panel of experts found firm evidence that Global Warming was the cause of this: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne, The Guardian And Green Hypocrisy

The Guardian - "Loads of people get others to take their penalty points so stop hounding Huhne"

The Guardian has truly excelled itself with this story about Chris Huhne, and how if indeeed, he did get his wife to take the fall for his speeding conviction, its perfectly acceptable as according to the Guardian, 1 in 6 speeding convictions in Britain end up with someone other than the driver getting the penalty points.

When speeding is mentioned in relation to Chris Huhne in the Guardian it is a minor offence, nothing serious really, yet the previous day, George Monbiot Moonbat was tearing into “Petrolheads” for the horrendous crime of speeding.

There is some kind of a double standard in operation here, which is hardly new ground for the Guardian: Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Prints Warming Alarmist Crap – Again

London's future according to The Guardian and that 2007 IPCC Report

Can you begin a blog post with Unfucking believable? Guess Aardvark just did but Unfucking believable are really the only words that can be used to describe this pile of steaming warming alarmist crap from the Grauniad. In 2007/2008 when Climate Religion’s bubble had not been blown back to the Stone age by Climategate, maybe, but in 2011 it quotes as gospel from a report by the IPCC, an organisation so useless and discredited, that even its UN masters are embarrassed by it.

The well worn fear spectre of rising sea levels is being recycled again Read the rest of this entry

Guardian Dominates The List Of Top 10 Warming Alarmist Journalists

George Joshua Richard Monbiot goes like this the UK’s green journalists were asked to rate their peers by the Press Gazette and the results well, what did you expect when the Church of Climatology pats itself on the back.

The list is dominated by the Guardian/Observer collective and surprisingly only one “journalist” from the BBC which given the volumes of alarmist propaganda they spew out, shows that not even their own kind rates the BBC. Afterall all the tax payers money has been wasted pushing “the message”

Doubtless there will be much gong banging and barking at the moon from the Guardian, their very own ecomentalist and housing commisar Georger Moonbat tops the list: Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Sea Levels Are Not Rising, But They May Be

Armageddon for Britain's coastline by 2050

Confusion continues to reign at the Guardian about Climate Change and all things environmental, first it was perfectly acceptable to be against wind farms, then the wind changed and wind farms became a good thing again.

Now the Guardian is all confused about rising sea levels, because the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an influential think tank, for that read self appointed mix of ukuncut and climate camp are now predicting Armageddon for Britain’s coastal communities by 2050: Read the rest of this entry

Eco Twats Leo And Lucy – The Guilt Of The Garden Patio

The Horror of dead trees

As regime changes sweep across North Africa and dictators fall, it’s comforting to know that Leo and Lucy have more pressing matters to worry about, after beating themselves up about  bonfire night, perfume and Christmas Trees, now its the turn of the Garden Patio.

It seems that decking is bad because trees die, concrete is an environmental holocaust but crazy paving is good because it recycles, but isn’t crazy paving held together with concrete? Read the rest of this entry

Climate Modelling – The Answer Is Time Travel

Nothing like using weather to illustrate climate; hat tip Warming Alarmists for the idea

Never one to stop flagellating a dead horse, The Guardian are getting excited because a Climate Scientist Witchdoctor has found that by adding 2 lines of programming code to a process, he can now actually predict weather 5 whole days in advance.

Cast your mind back a year or so ago, when we were expected to believe the computer models for decades in advance, now the Warming Alarmists are celebrating being able to predict 5 days in advance, bit of a shortfall in time spans, but it is religion not science, so what the hell time to start banging gongs and barking at the moon again.

Apparently current weather and climate models do a decent job Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Comes Out Against Wind Farms

The Guardian its ok to be a nimby with bird choppers

These are strange days for the warming alarmists, as their religion comes crashing down, pillar by pillar, so the shift to distance themselves from their previously evangelical support for the Climate whatever it is called today scam, has picked up speed, as once former Holy Grails are now consigned to the landfill of history.

Latest casualty is the wind farm, beloved sacred and holy site of Attila the Huhnatic and Dave, the wind farm is rapidly becoming as toxic to the Warming Alarmists, as Ken Livingstone is to Labour’s chance of winning the 2012 London Mayoral election.

In an article that could have been written by a Climate Realist the Guardian actually mentions all the problems with wind turbines: Read the rest of this entry