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Gordon Brown has a deep rooted loathing of the media

By Tory Aardvark

The superb timing of the Sun coming out in support of David Cameron, within hours of Browns “Gulags for Slags” speech has exposed the real deep loathing Gordon Brown has for the media.

Bunch of Chumps

Bunch of Chumps

The relationship between Labour and the media has been on a slow downward slide since 2005, The Sun warned Labour about their lamentable failures in supporting our brave soldiers at the last election, and that if things did not improve The Sun would no longer support Labour. Much has been written about Brown, Hoon, Ainsworth and all the other Labour politicians that failed, lied, cut defence budgets and most recently indulged in a smear campaign against the highest ranking officers in the forces.

The Sun is in business to sell newspapers, as such it is a barometer of public opinion, more so than a shaper of public opinion.

Brown’s major weapons in any interview is to bluster, avoid answering the question and repeat the same stock ideological phrases like a brain washed parrot. When he is unable to get his way he becomes petulant, sulky, bad tempered, the toys get thrown out the pram, and sometimes the pram gets launched as well.

It is a matter of public record that media outlets like The Guardian, The BBC and The Mirror report everything that Labour do as fluffy and wonderful, when compared to those evil right wing baby eating Tories. The Andrew Marr question rekindled Browns loathing of the Media, yesterday’s much publicised hissy fit with Adam Boulton has reinforced Brown’s view of the media, as well as making the Prime Mentalist a laughing stock.

“As the media have grown more sceptical, with Mr Brown it has become dangerously personal. In some cases there is bitterness from journalists who were fooled by the spin.”

“Broadcasters who follow him tell of shouting matches, epic rudeness, and finger-jabbing lectures. “It’s like going alone into a cell with a violent prisoner,” one complains.

“Mr Brown, in turn, is a politician enraged by a media he believes are now wilfully mis-reporting what he says and does” full story from Ben Brogan in The Telegraph