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The Next Green Stupidity – Tidal Power

Tidal Turbine effectively an underwater wind turbine and like wind power it requires huge Green taxation to exist and produces expensive electricty

The Commons’ Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC) have just released a report on Marine Renewables which claims, wait for it, that Britain could become a leading exporter of tidal power and expertise if billions in Green taxation are used to support yet another economically unviable Green energy source folly.

Tidal Power comes in 3 forms:

Tidal Fences which are a continuous line of underwater tidal current turbines, installed in a way which forces as much flow to go through the turbines as possible.

Barrage Tidal Plants these are the most common form, using narrow water channels with gates and turbines, opening the gates causes water to flow which in turn spins the turbines.

Tidal Turbines which work like an underwater wind turbine using the tides to turn the turbine. Read the rest of this entry