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The EU’s Doomed Flight Of Carbon Taxation

The EU’s Carbon tax on flying, more doomed than this pick up line

We live in a world where increasingly, as Martin Sheen’s character in Apocalypse Now observed, “the clowns have taken over the circus“.

The EU is a case in point, almost bankrupt as the single currency implodes explodes disintergrates, the EU still clings to Climate Religion and CO2 emissions limits, left behind by a world that has moved on from the Great Man Made Global Warming Scam.

From January 1st 2012 the EU will levy a Green tax on flying, opposed by the US, China, India and 40 other countries and despite the very real risk of a global trade war nothing can dissuade those blinded by the light of Green socialism and wealth redistribution from their course.

The damage caused by this pointless Green tax, which is heaped upon the myriad number of other Green taxes EU citizens already get stung for, will be far more damaging than the increase in costs for flying and transportation that will inevitably follow. Read the rest of this entry