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Jacqui Smith Porngate Continues

Fresh revelations today about disgraced Redditch Saddleback former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and those porn movies.

In case you need a quick reminder on the original expenses, the Labour Party white wash to protect her, the Hyacinth Bucket edition of Question Time and the campaign by the voters of Redditch to get her out, then click here

After the original story about Smith’s husband spanking his monkey on the tax payer, the relationship between the pair was said to be strained, this latest revelation is probably not going to figure in Relate’s handbook for bringing people together.

In documents released today Smith’s expenses show 3 separate claims for Virgin Media for £67 (£10 for porn) for the same bill in May, September and October 2008, so effectively we paid her husband £20 for his recreational activities.

The original bill was photocopied and then presented twice more for payment.

The revelation came as it emerged the former home secretary had also used her Commons expenses to buy a 32in television and DVD player.

They were to fit out her family home in Redditch – where her husband Richard Timney, pictured, admitted watching the adult movies – while claiming her main home was the spare room of her sister’s terraced house in London.

Receipts published yesterday show she submitted a £611 bill for a double bed with pocket-sprung mattress from John Lewis and a £499.37 bill for a new shower.

What chance of re-election now Jacqui?