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COP16 Chris Huhne To Cancun Leave Early

Chris Huhne - Ed Miliband wont allowing pairing with a Labour MP hence the early return

Tomorrows vote on Tuition Fees is having an impact beyond the shores of Britain, as Ed Miliband wont allow Chris Huhne and a Labour MP to “pair up”; pairing up is where the parties cooperate and because an MP can’t be there for a vote, the opposition pair the MP’s up so they cancel each others vote.

This really is a win win situation as Chicken Little will have to leave the farce in Cancun to vote which means he can’t be involved in any more crackpots schemes involving wind turbines and the non existent Green jobs lie.

Milibands stance is interesting as recently as, September Ed was still bleating about AGW. Read the rest of this entry