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COP19 Postmortem – Bring On The Green Turd Polish

Even sprinkling glitter on COP19 won't make a shine.

Even sprinkling glitter on COP19 won’t make a shine, dull or otherwise

The COP19 Climate Circus has finally ended, despite the Greens and wealth re-distributors setting the bar for success this year, even lower than in previous years, COP19 still failed to deliver.

The pattern for acrimony was set at COP15, Copenhagen in 2009 and in each successive COP meeting the acrimony and bickering has got worse, culminating in the unelected Green NGOs walking out of COP19 after the wealth re-distribution scam know as loss and damage failed to gain much traction.

COP19 was a disaster, just as much on the global stage as in the stadium in Warsaw.

Overshadowed by coal in Poland, 60 countries did not send ministers to COP19 thus preventing any global agreement from being signed, Australia and Canada said they were not going to give any more money away, Japan decided to reduce its CO2 ambitions drastically and in Britain David “Call me Dave” Cameron was oozing snake oil and possibly muttering darkly about Green Crap.

Against this background COP19 headed into overtime and at the eleventh hour, for the fifth successive time, produced an agreement that was worth less than the paper it was printed on. Read the rest of this entry